No matter how much I listen to Doja Cat’s song, Woman, it will get my body moving. Apart from the lyrics and the rhythm of the song, which is highly contagious, the song gets you to think about that TikTok trend. This trend became so popular back in 2021 before Halloween. TikTok made the song a huge hit with the dance it included. And even more with the thousands of thousands of people recreating it. The famous TikTok dance created by Haley Sharpe became a worldwide sensation. No matter who listens to this song, it will get them to directly think about the TikTok dance. TikTok boosted the song’s recognition with the recreation of the dancing videos so much that it led people to create their own interpretation of the song. This is one of the texts that connects to how the song functions. For example, there is a male version of the song talking about how he wants her to become his woman. This furthers my understanding of the song because it not only is from one point of view from one side, but we also get to see the other point of view from the opposite sex. He talks about how he gets on his feelings because of her, and can’t leave her alone. The song below is more of a cover and remix. However, it is so good because the lyrics really match with what the song is really about. So it is a win-win. TikTok really made the song get out there and give it the push it needed for people, not only to create fun and upbeat dances, but also for them to form amazing covers and remixes that go really smooth with the song’s tempo. Here is the song’s cover: 

Another one of the texts that contribute to my overall understanding of this song is her famous performance at the ACL Music Festival which goes back to six months ago. There is still a connection with TikTok with her performance here. Her performance here at the Music Festival became so viral on TikTok because Doja Cat exploded the app with her looks as well her sensual gaze at the audience. Which took a turn and people fell even more in love with the artist. So right there we can see how important divine femininity is to her and runs within her. Which is what her song, Woman, really talks about. At the Music Festival, we can take a look at her performers or background dancers. They all have one thing in common and that is that they are all women. Which of course was done on purpose. Many performers dance with one single matching attire to match the theme of the performance, however this time, Doja Cat made sure all the girls wore different attires for this occasion. This goes to show how girls have their own sense of style and how every girl is different in her unique way. Looking at the flowers and a garden in the back to create a visual aesthetic all has a connection to divine femininity and womanhood. Which to me furthers my understanding of her song. 

Doja Cat’s song is really easy to understand and grasp. She has this thing of simplicity and uniqueness in her songs that many people tend to understand. This is why she is so popular and such a relatable artist, especially to our generation.