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Month May 2021

Music: A Way To Understand

Transcript: Listen closely, I want to tell you a story…   Flight of the bumblebee, first 30 seconds   Alright, so I didn’t say anything, but I am sure you still got a message. As you may know that… Continue Reading →

“Cough Syrup” cover by Darren Chris Podcast

Life’s too short to even care at all, whoa I’m losing my mind, losing my mind, losing control These fishes in the sea, they’re staring at me, whoa, whoa A wet world aches for a beat of a drum, whoa… Continue Reading →

“Cough Syrup”: The Original vs the Cover Third Listen

For my third post, I watched the music video from Young the Giant and the music video from Glee. I picked these because the music videos are very different, the arrangement is similar, the voices are different, and the messages… Continue Reading →

“Hunger” Podcast Transcript

Bill Wolff:  “Welcome back to Protest Anthems the podcast about all things music, protest and social justice. In this episode Erin will be talking about the song Hunger by Florence + the Machine. This song is a tribute to the… Continue Reading →

Hunger 1st audio

5 things I like – My intro and how I use the soft music to lead into my podcast Starting off the whole podcast with the bold “at 17 I started to starve myself” How I specifically chose what lyrics… Continue Reading →

“Hunger” Music Video and Live Performance

For my third listening assignment I looked at the music video of Hunger as well as a live performance of the song. Both of these versions help the audience to look at the song on a deeper level and maybe… Continue Reading →

“The Man” By Taylor Swift Podcast

Excerpt from: “Gender Equality: Now” “Girls and boys women and men are expected by society to play certain roles and behave in certain ways based on traditions, religion, and other beliefs these behaviors are learned and shaped the gender norms… Continue Reading →

about Chanel by Frank Ocean

Bill Wolff: Hello, and welcome back to Protest Anthems about all things music, protest, and social justice. In this episode, we will listen to Julia discuss Frank Ocean’s Chanel and the context in which it was made; culturally, socially, and… Continue Reading →

“What About Us” by Pink-Podcast

Listen to the full episode: BILL WOLFF- Welcome back to Protest Anthems, the podcast about all things music, social justice, and protest.In this episode, Megan Lee discusses pop star artist Pink’s 2017 release “What About Us”. Pink’s interpretation of her… Continue Reading →

The Bigger Picture by Lil Baby Podcast

Bill Wolff: Welcome back to Protest Anthems, the podcast about all things music, social justice, and protest. In this episode, Emily will be examining how the national uprising of Black Lives Matter protest has inspired artists to record songs that… Continue Reading →

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