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For this listen, I’d like you to consider how *at least* two texts relating to your song contribute to your overall understanding of the song. Understanding goes beyond meaning of the lyrics. Understanding connects to your ability to see how the song functions as a meaningful/important text in society, fan communities, the music industry, and so on. The texts you can choose from include:

• The vocal delivery in the version of the song you have chosen;
• Alternate versions of the song (these should be substantially different from the one you have chosen, such as the Broadway version of “Born in the USA” versus the 1984 album version);
• Live performances, such as at concerts, awards shows, or other venues;
• The official video for the song (do not choose if you have discussed the video in prior Listens; also do not choose if it is just a lyrics video)
• Covers by other artists;
• Fan or other person versions that they have posted online on YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.

*Do not* discuss texts or versions that you have discussed in other posts.

If you are able to embed the media you are discussing, please do. If not, link to it. Remember, these posts (and your podcast) are available to anyone with Internet access, so compose the posts in such a way that makes them less in response to an assignment than a discussion of an issue you have great interest in. Take care with the presentation as well as the content. Use paragraphs, embed media, add links that will provide reads with the ability to learn more info, and so on.

Be sure to choose the “Third Listen Fall 2023” category before posting and related tags.

Post due Friday, 10/6, by 11:00pm.

Listening Post 3

The music video for “Cause I’m A Man” by Tame Impala successfully conveys a message that helps me understand the song better, and interpret it accordingly. The video is extremely visually stimulating, packed with small details that tell the story… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath

How “War Pigs” Functions as Relevant Today It is important to point out the power that this song has in its ability to translate across music genres and still spread important anti-war sentiments. Regardless of who was performing the song… Continue Reading →

Third Listen To “White Boy”

Introduction Bikini Kill is one of the most iconic bands of our time, they formed the feminist punk rock movement which influenced thousands of women. Bikini Kill was known for their loud, fast paced and aggressive music. Kathleen Hanna, the… Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of Kendrick Lamar’s “i” – Third Listen

The ways in which we interface with music are constantly changing and evolving. We now have more access to music than ever before: more studio recordings, more leaked songs, and more live performances. With this, our roles as listeners drastically… Continue Reading →

Third Listen – Butchered Tongue, Hozier (Emma Kelly)

Butchered Tongue, Third Listen   Though “Butchered Tongue” is a newer release, and thus does not have quite the backlog of musical versions, alternatives, and covers that some songs do, it does have a rich vocal performance in both its… Continue Reading →

3rd Listen “Looking For Somebody (To Love)”

Text, or content, of The 1975’s “Looking For Somebody (To Love)” contributes to audiences’ overall reception and understanding of the song itself. This in turn impacts how the social justice issue (mass shootings, in this case) is perceived. Since the… Continue Reading →

“Salt” – Third Listen

Bad Suns – Salt (Official Video) When first listening to a song, it is often difficult to understand what the true meaning of the song is. But when artists create music videos it is easier to interpret the true meaning…. Continue Reading →

Third Listen ~ Uncovering and Unveiling: The True Complexities Behind Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker the Berry”

The alternate versions of a song, whether it’s a cover, remix, live performance, or even an acapella, hold such a significant place in the world of music. The alternative interpretations serve as a unique glance into a song’s artistry, emotions,… Continue Reading →

Listening Post Three

What made the song Skinny “blow up” was how touching the live session was. How raw, passionate and uniting Emmy Russell’s delivery is. This clip quickly went viral via TikTok and other social media platforms. The live session created a… Continue Reading →

Third Listen- The Kill

Understanding how different texts influence the overall meaning of a song can be crucial. By discovering these texts in their own right, the information they bring defines an artist’s intent. The works surrounding Fugazi’s The Kill are no different. By… Continue Reading →

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