What made the song Skinny “blow up” was how touching the live session was. How raw, passionate and uniting Emmy Russell’s delivery is. This clip quickly went viral via TikTok and other social media platforms. The live session created a uniquely strong atmosphere that was inspiring, empowering, and hypnotic. Hypnotic because all different people of all different races in it and they join in song together. Empowering and inspiring from her voice, tone, and presence. This was a touching and deep visual performance. Skinny – Song House & Emmy Russell (live session)

The clip of the visual performance caught my attention.

Emmy Russel instills unity and movement. Right before her performance, she speaks out, her voice cracks and it takes her a minute to open up and explain how hard this reality is. She’s opening up to conversation and unity in overcoming vulnerability We see this by her delivery, tone, and atmosphere. Eating disorders and body shaming are extremely prevalent in today’s society and affect many people. I know one thing someone says to you can change your life. But songs like this allow for a deeper dive into this topic and try to understand and advocate for eating disorders/body shaming.

Protest body shaming and fake social media, show people they are not alone, and it’s not fair how society’s standards treat us in this case—empowering differences and body positivity.

The way she is imaged- she presents herself in the spotlight, makes you feel her passion. Her voice forces you to get emotional about this, the raw, powerful, emotive tone.


Her delivery and tone of the music. – The artist, Emmy Russell, constructed the lyrics and wrote this song herself, based on her own personal experiences. It helps to hear from someone who lived through these issues. live session versions, applicable to social media and very touching. What we get from a person who lived through this are unique lyrics and bone-chilling ones at that, that deeply touch the audience. For example, Emmy opens the song with

“Haven’t eaten in days

God, I hate how You made me

So scared to confess

Been so hard to undress lately”

These words ring so true to anyone who struggles with an eating disorder, and show the true mental battle they endure.

We really get her own personal battle.

Ultimately a mirror and society’s beauty standards don’t quantify if you are pretty or not, it’s a liar and messes with your head.

All of these Non-Lyrical cues, including doing the live session with tons of other, all different body types, all different races, emphasizes empowerment. Positivity, that differences are beautiful and make us unique. This song is NEEDED for all, It must be addressed and can affect everyone.


Since the live session and song released, 6 weeks ago, the viral clip has been such a hit, with over 25 million views on TikTok and other 10s of millions racked up from Twitter and Instagram. Which prompted this music video to be worked on and produced 2 weeks ago. –

The video is very much like “Scars to Your Beautiful” music video. As it displays this true raw emotion. Walks you through a personal battle and uses so many nonlyrical cues such as the live session did. With dark lighting and haunting imagery, you feel the vulnerability and emotion.

Skinny – Emmy & Song House (Official Music Video)