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Your fully edited together draft should be half the length of your final podcast, so if your final will be about 12 minutes, the draft should be about 6 minutes.

Please upload your draft to Soundcloud (you’ll have to create an account, if you don’t already have one) and then embed it in a new blog post on the Protest Anthems web site, using the First Audio category.

Included in your post, write 5 things that you like about it and then list 3 – 5 questions you have that you’d like to discuss.

Your draft is due before your conference. We’ll listen to it together and then discuss it in detail.

Hunger 1st audio

5 things I like – My intro and how I use the soft music to lead into my podcast Starting off the whole podcast with the bold “at 17 I started to starve myself” How I specifically chose what lyrics… Continue Reading →

First draft – You Dont Own Me

3 things I like about my podcast: I am getting more used to hearing my voice which is surprisingly making me more comfortable speaking in professional settings. I enjoy working in Adobe Audition and am working on refining this skillset…. Continue Reading →

Neighbors – First Audio

Here is my first audio of my podcast. Five things I like about my podcast: My narration is consistent; my tone throughout the podcast never changes which creates a steady flow. The information I provide is relevant to my subject;… Continue Reading →

“Same Love” Podcast Draft

***ONLY LISTEN UP TO 5:45 – I didn’t get to edit the rest but I didn’t want to delete my narration and extra clips from the end 5 things I like about my podcast: This was a lot more difficult… Continue Reading →

“Praying” First Audio   Things that I like are the structure. I like the way it is set up and the order that everything is discussed. I also like the audio clips that I have chosen to include. I think they help… Continue Reading →

alright podcast 1st cut

Miguel – Now Podcast Working with audacity and the recording studio was a very interesting and challenging experience for me. It took a lot of paying attention to detail and reworking different pieces of audio that I was working with. I know that… Continue Reading →

Zombie 1st audio

Jack Johnson – My Mind is For Sale Podcast Draft   The experience of putting together my podcast has been very interesting, and going slightly smoother than I expected. As I continue to use Audacity, I see the ease of using the application as I become more acquainted and… Continue Reading →

Pumped Up Kicks First Audio   This portion of my podcast is around the first 5.5 minutes. For the things that I like, there are really only two aspects I can think of. First, I feel confident so far about the length. This is… Continue Reading →

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