***ONLY LISTEN UP TO 5:45 – I didn’t get to edit the rest but I didn’t want to delete my narration and extra clips from the end

5 things I like about my podcast:

  1. This was a lot more difficult than I expected so I like that I was able to figure out how to edit it all together.
  2. I liked doing my narration. I don’t love how it came out, because at points it sounds like I’m reading, but it’s not bad.
  3. Clips from the song, “Same Love” work well weaved throughout.
  4. I like the two clips of the news reports in the beginning.
  5. I like the part at the end when it’s transitioning into info about Mary Lambert.



  1. How do I transition more smoothly?
  2. I don’t think I can fix the narration sounding like reading because I can’t do it off the cuff. Is that an issue?
  3. Is the music too loud under narration?
  4. Is there an easier way to use Audacity than the methods I’m using? I feel like it’s taking more time than it should.