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Month April 2020

“What Do I Know?” 5th Listen

When analyzing Ed Sheeran’s song, “What Do I Know?” it became clear that there is more than one musical lineage that the song sprouts from. However, there are two main ideas that become the most apparent. Although the song is… Continue Reading →

Fifth Listen of Nina Cried Power

First Lineage The first lineage I noticed was that of honoring activists that had come before, especially in a time of needed change. Hozier takes the cake on this one, by referencing numerous artists and even basing his song off… Continue Reading →

“Love It If We Made It” Fifth Listen

This fifth listen post, with the focus on song lineages, was the post that I was the most unsure about how to approach. While what The 1975 are doing with “Love It If We Made It” is no novel idea,… Continue Reading →

“What Do I Know?” 4th Listen

In Ed Sheeran’s song “What Do I Know?” there are multiple social issues that he is critiquing throughout the song. It does not seem like he is focusing on one specific issue, rather he is critiquing the overall status of… Continue Reading →

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