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Month December 2023

“Memory Boy” by Tigercub – Racism in England

Transcript by Madeleine Pirages Introducing Tigercub, an indie rock trio from Brighton, England. Consisting of Jamie Hall lead vocalist and guitarist, James Allix drums, and Jimi Wheelwright on bass. Memory Boy comes off the band’s 2017 debut album Abstract Figures… Continue Reading →

Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”: Metal Becomes Meaning

  War Pigs (Song intro plays throughout podcast) Narrator: Hello and welcome to Protest Pals! On today’s episode, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the song “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath.  (Song intro) Narrator: Since metal was initially introduced to the… Continue Reading →

The Cultural Impact of Tupac Shakur’s Keep Ya Head Up

        Sydney Rose : Before we had rap visionaries like J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Tupac Shakur was seen as the “voice of the streets, often addressing contemporary issues in his highly popular songs.As we know, Shakur went… Continue Reading →

Hozier and Colonization: An Analysis of “Butchered Tongue”

Narrator: Hozier. Take Me To Church (0:59-1:14) Narrator: The singer-songwriter known for his breakout debut, “Take Me To Church,” has long flown under the radar as a harbinger of counterculture and a modern protest music extraordinaire. With his most recent… Continue Reading →

“Salt” – Bad Suns

“Breakfast” by Dove Cameron – Gender Inequality

    Transcript – Cheyenne France Dove Cameron, the singer of the song “Breakfast”, is a 27-year-old singer and actress, who started her stardom at the young age of 16 when she played the roles of Liv and Maddie in… Continue Reading →

Bikini Kill’s White Boy

Kathleen: All girls to the front. I’m not kidding. All girls to the front. All boys, be cool for once in your lives. Go back, back, back!   *Fades in White Boy*   Tat: Bikini kill, one of the most… Continue Reading →

“Looking For Somebody (To Love)” Final Podcast

Transcript OPENING: Clips from news coverage + Instrumental intro of song  NEWS TAPE – Alleged Gunman Elliot Rodger’s Chilling Manifesto [1:42-1:46]  Nobody would do the types of things that happened last night unless there was some form of mental illness… Continue Reading →

Fugazi’s Critique of War is Still as Eerily Relevant Today

    [Narrator] Welcome back to the protest music podcast today we’ll be diving into the world of punk….. The song of focus today tackles the issue of the American military mindset and the damage it causes to the individual… Continue Reading →

“Chains” By Usher. A podcast of Racial injustice & Reform

Welcome my podcast, “Chains” a podcast about social reform and racial injustice. In this podcast we will be discussing the 2013 hit song, “chains” By Usher, and how it relates to the ongoing horrors of racial injustice and killings of… Continue Reading →

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