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For this first post, I’d like you to think about TWO possible songs that you’d like to study this semester and create a podcast about. As stated in the podcast assignment, the song must be a protest song or address a social justice issue. The songs must have been released within your lifetime. The song can be an older song that has been covered by another artist or it can be a new song.

I’d like you to discuss each of the TWO possible songs through the lens of four listening experiences: first, how you respond to the music alone; second, how you respond to the lyrics alone; third, how you respond to the singer’s delivery alone. And, What is your overall understanding of the song? Link to or embed the version(s) of the song you’re listening to. Include a description of what the song was written in response to. And add few thoughts about why you are considering that song for the podcast, what you think it offers you, and what concerns you have.

Before you post, make sure you add relevant tags and select the “First Listen” category, which will ensure it appears below.

Third Listen- “Chains” by Usher

Usher is known world wide as a powerful and soulful voice. His lyrics, tone, pitch and vocals are seen as some of the most influential in the business. The song “Chains” is a perfect example of how ones voice and… Continue Reading →

“The Man” By Taylor Swift Podcast

Excerpt from: “Gender Equality: Now” “Girls and boys women and men are expected by society to play certain roles and behave in certain ways based on traditions, religion, and other beliefs these behaviors are learned and shaped the gender norms… Continue Reading →

Meek Mill – Trauma (Fifth Listen)

Tupac Shakur – Trapped (1991) —-> Jay Z – Spiritual (2016) —-> Nipsey Hussle feat. Kendrick Lamar – Dedication (2018) —-> Meek Mill – Trauma (2018) What all these songs have in common is a fight for some sort of… Continue Reading →

Listening Journal 1: Meek Mill – Trauma or Nipsey Hussle – Dedication

Both of these songs start off with samples that set a tone. This tone is one that is not to be played with. It is dark, it is raw, and it is uncut. It is hungry and craving more. Dedication… Continue Reading →

First Listen: Looking for America by Lana Del Rey

Looking for America by Lana Del Rey Description: This is a social justice song that clearly stands at opposition with pro-gun movements. Lana Del Rey sets the scene for the first two lines, then delivers a punch to the gut:… Continue Reading →

Wrabel – “The Village” Proposal

For my podcast, I will be focusing on the song “The Village” by Wrabel. Released as a single in 2017, the song is a response to bigotry against people in the LGBTQ+ community. More specifically, the lyrics deal with some… Continue Reading →

“Savage Time” and “F*ck Your Ethnicity” The first song that I consider doing is “Savage Time” by Big Sean & Metro Boomin. As far as the music alone goes, the tone is sort of melancholy with a rap beat playing over it. You can also… Continue Reading →

“everything i wanted” and “Million Dollar Loan”

Song #1: “Million Dollar Loan” by Death Cab for Cutie    Description: The song “Million Dollar Loan” by Death Cab for Cutie was released in 2016 in response to Trump’s campaign, where he has been known for continuously promoting the… Continue Reading →

“Without Me” and “No Church in the Wild”

“Without Me” by Eminem was released in 2002 and is one of the acclaimed rapper’s most recognizable songs. It tells a story of how Eminem, also known as Slim Shady, saves the world from boring music as he lashes out… Continue Reading →

“Pay Gap” and “Looking for America”

Song #1: Pay Gap by Margo Price Description: This song is overtly about the social justice issue of wage inequality. It is no secret that women are not being paid the same as men. And while the average working woman… Continue Reading →

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