Both of these songs start off with samples that set a tone. This tone is one that is not to be played with. It is dark, it is raw, and it is uncut. It is hungry and craving more.

Dedication revolves more around the everyday struggles of a black man in the world that we live in today. Everyday is a battle when you are black. You’re never guaranteed to make it home every night and things are always more difficult for us because of the color of our skins. Its a song of how we’ve been Disrespected, and abused and unrecognized. It’s a song of Hope and motivation. Through these successful african american men, you can see that anything is possible even for people like us. It just takes hard work and dedication. It’s the truth and the sad reality of the life we are forced to live in the United States of America.

Trauma focuses on the same issues of a black man, but specifically that of Meek Mill and his personal issues with the criminal justice system. Here again, his life is an example of how hard it is to be successful and just how traumatic things really are, especially in his life. 

The lyrics are just as raw and explicit as the rest of the song. Sometimes I quiver and get flashbacks when I hear certain things. 

“Ain’t no PTSDs, them drugs keep it at ease

They shot that boy 20 times when they could’ve told him just freeze

Could’ve put him in a cop car, but they let him just bleed

The ambulance, they coming baby, just breathe

That’s what the old lady said when she screamed”

  • Meek Mill, Trauma.

“Boxin’ homies three-on-one, got DP’ed but I ain’t drop

Chirp on me, here I come, brrt, spin around the block

They blurped on me, said I ran a stop sign but that’s a lie

I spent my whole life staring at the stage”

  • Dedication, Nipsey Hussle

The delivery is quick, clean and very angry. You can feel the sincerity in their voices. The instrumental only enhances this feeling even more. These songs come from the idea that we as African-Americans are mistreated and neglected within our government and its been an issue that has continued to be fought for many years. Racism, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s ever gonna end.