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Month April 2021

Third Listen, LAND OF THE FREE

I don’t think I had a particularly hard time understanding the song; it is very clear that Joey is displeased with how this country is only free for some people and for others it’s very oppressing. I think he said… Continue Reading →

“What About Us” Third Listen

Throughout this podcast assignment, I’ve acquired a substantial amount of knowledge regarding the context, critique, and lineages of “What About Us” by Pink. For the last listening post, I want to illustrate how this song serves as an anthem for… Continue Reading →

“What About Us”: Lineages

“What About Us” by Pink mirrors the pain and grief of many Americans who feel abandoned and unheard by today’s society. This song sheds an important light on the political issues that are faced everyday, especially those who struggle with… Continue Reading →

“What About Us”: Critique and Context

Pink or otherwise known as Alecia Beth Moore co-wrote “What About Us” with songwriters Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac. These songwriters have also written songs for other popular artists such as Ed Sheeran. In 2017, “What About Us” was released… Continue Reading →

What About Us/Dear Mr. President

The song I would like to investigate for this assignment is “What About Us?” by PINK which was released in 2017. My second option is “Dear Mr. President” by Indigo Girls and PINK which was released in 2006. Both songs… Continue Reading →

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