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I would like you to think about this proposal in terms of several things.

First, consider two possible songs you would like to investigate. After I read your proposal I will make suggestions on which of the two would be best for the project.

Consider what it is about that songs that intrigue you, that you are curious about, that makes you want to learn more about them. (Don’t just write that you have always loved the song—really engage it critically.) Are the songs too obvious or will they be challenging (challenging is good)? Discuss what make them protest songs and what they are protesting against, and/or the social justice issue being raised. As stated above, the songs must have been released during your lifetime, either as an original recording or a re-interpretation of an older song.

Second, where do you think the songs will lead you, in terms of research and other music? How do the songs exhibit the characteristics of their genre? How do they connect to a particular moment in history?

Third, I would like you to consider what the songs mean to you, personally. Why do you think they are important? Are you willing to dedicate 10 weeks to studying one or the other, which will mean listening to it over and over and over again?

Fourth, I would like you discuss what concerns you have about completing the project.

Embed and/or link to all media referenced, including a version of the song itself (assume that Bill might not know the song and will need to listen to it).

You don’t need to address the items in the order listed above, and your proposal shouldn’t read like a bulleted list. Rather, the ideas and topics should appear seamlessly in your discussion. The goal is to showcase why you want to this, what you will do, where it might appear, and why it is important.

Please post your proposal to the Protest Anthems Podcast web site by Wednesday, 9/14, by class time.

When posting, be sure to click the “Proposal Fall 2022” category and add appropriate tags.

The proposal can be as long you think it should be for an upper level Communication Studies course.

The Man by Taylor Swift and 99 Problems by Jay-Z Proposal

Caroline Brauckmann One song I would like to investigate is “The Man” by Taylor Swift. This song details the sexism women deal with in modern society and how they are portrayed by the media. This song may seem very straightforward… Continue Reading →

“Orange” and “Brazil” Proposal

Orange by Pinegrove is a song off their most recent album 11:11. While the entire album is trying to address the climate issue, I believe this song in particular does a good job of bringing their concerns to the forefront…. Continue Reading →

“Love It If We Made It” by The 1975 + “The Words That Maketh Murder” by PJ Harvey

Other than loving The 1975 since I was a teenager, their albums became more and more political as time went on. Matt Healy in particular is known to advocate for social and political issues publicly on social media. I would… Continue Reading →

“Hands Clean” Alanis Morissette, “A Living Human Girl” by The Regrettes

My first option I’m considering for the podcast is “Hands Clean” by Alanis Morissete from her album Under Rug Swept. This song addresses a past relationship between her and an older man. This song intrigues me because the narration in… Continue Reading →

“P.M.R.C. by the Bouncing Souls and “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine

P.M.R.C is a song by the Bouncing Souls protesting censorship.  They are critiquing people who blame social issues on music. I think it would be challenging to try to fit this song into the broader conversation about censorship and music. … Continue Reading →

“Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” by P!nk and “Fall In Line (feat. Demi Lovato)” by Christina Aguilera

The two songs I am considering for my protest anthem podcast are Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken by P!nk, and Fall in Line (feat. Demi Lovato) by Christina Agulera.    Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken was released by P!nk in… Continue Reading →

“Violent Crimes” Kanye West and “Woman” Doja Cat Podcast Proposal

I chose Kanye West’s song Violent Crimes. Apart from the very vulgar chosen words, the song is really more than just that. Behind the lyrics there’s a story. A story about being a woman in this society. When I first… Continue Reading →

“You Need to Calm Down” or “Girl in a Country Song” Proposal

The first song i propose to investigate “You Need To Calm Down” by Taylor Swift. The song was written as an LGBTQIA rights anthem to battle homophobes and transphobes. The lyrics “Shade never made anybody less gay” and “But you… Continue Reading →

“Pretty Hurts” and “I’m Not Racist” Proposal

The first option I am considering for this project is “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce. The song is a take on body image and body standards set for girls and women by the media. It refers specifically to pageants, but I… Continue Reading →

“I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” and “I’m Tired” Proposal

One song I would like to investigate is “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” by My Chemical Romance. When I was in middle school, I first discovered My Chemical Romance and other punk rock musicians like Pierce the Veil and Black… Continue Reading →

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