One song I would like to investigate is “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” by My Chemical Romance. When I was in middle school, I first discovered My Chemical Romance and other punk rock musicians like Pierce the Veil and Black Veil Brides. However, I have always loved My Chemical Romance a little more. Music at this time in my life really helped me get through middle school and get through the bullying. In middle school, I was eventually admitted to a mental facility and when we had our music time where we could suggest music to play I would always play My Chemical Romance because their music had that much of an effect on my mood. This song really helped me push through all the bullying and helped me realize it is ok to be different and not be like everyone else. When investigating this song, I really want to focus on the music video because I think it really helps further the storytelling happening within the song itself. For example, I really wanna clip the opening dialogue in the music video between Gerard Way (lead singer) and Ray Toro (guitar player). If you have never heard this song before, I definitely recommend watching the music video rather than just listening to the song. I think this song really helps bring awareness not only to bullying but mental health issues that all adults seem to ignore until it is too late. I think mental health awareness is a really important topic and I think a song like this that embraces not being ok can help others get through the hard times they may be facing.

Another song that I would like to investigate is “I’m Tired” by Labrinth featuring Zendaya. This song premiered on the last episode of Euphoria and I immediately felt a connection with it. This song embodies how hard it is to get over addiction and become a better person. In my own life, my father passed away from a drug overdose when I was 5 and just last semester my brother passed away from a drug overdose as well. The dynamics of this song I feel show the struggle between wanting to get better but also wanting to do drugs so badly and trying not to give in. I think the calling out to God for help is also an interesting part of this song since it is a lot of addicts’ last hope when trying hard to recover from addiction. Personally, I have seen my own brother go from rehab to rehab and still not be able to fight his disease. I feel this song really embodies that inner turmoil and just pushes and pulls you in every direction. I also believe this song helps raise awareness about addiction which I think is really important. I believe people really need to understand that this isn’t a choice, it is a disease. Overall, I think with either song choice I won’t have trouble completing this project. I am really passionate about music and I am super excited to have a chance to talk about some of my favorite pieces and share them with everyone.