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For this listen, I’d like you to consider how *at least* two texts relating to your song contribute to your overall understanding of the song. Understanding goes beyond meaning of the lyrics. Understanding connects to your ability to see how the song functions as a meaningful/important text in society, fan communities, the music industry, and so on. The texts you can choose from include:

• The vocal delivery in the version of the song you have chosen;
• Alternate versions of the song (these should be substantially different from the one you have chosen, such as the Broadway version of “Born in the USA” versus the 1984 album version);
• Live performances, such as at concerts, awards shows, or other venues;
• The official video for the song (do not choose if you have discussed the video in prior Listens; also do not choose if there is just a lyrics video)
• Covers by other artists;
• Fan or other person versions that they have posted online on YouTube, Tik Tok, etc.

If you are able to embed the media you are discussing, please do. If not, link to it.

Be sure to choose the “Third Listen Spring 2021” category before posting.

Post due Friday, 3/12 by 11:00pm (due date was moved from 3/10).

“Cough Syrup”: The Original vs the Cover Third Listen

For my third post, I watched the music video from Young the Giant and the music video from Glee. I picked these because the music videos are very different, the arrangement is similar, the voices are different, and the messages… Continue Reading →

“Hunger” Music Video and Live Performance

For my third listening assignment I looked at the music video of Hunger as well as a live performance of the song. Both of these versions help the audience to look at the song on a deeper level and maybe… Continue Reading →

Third Listen, LAND OF THE FREE

I don’t think I had a particularly hard time understanding the song; it is very clear that Joey is displeased with how this country is only free for some people and for others it’s very oppressing. I think he said… Continue Reading →

“What About Us” Third Listen

Throughout this podcast assignment, I’ve acquired a substantial amount of knowledge regarding the context, critique, and lineages of “What About Us” by Pink. For the last listening post, I want to illustrate how this song serves as an anthem for… Continue Reading →

Chanel Remixes

Remixes have been popular my whole life.  With SoundCloud being a popular destination for many DJ’s and remix artists in the early 2010s, as well as accounts across a variety of social media platforms like Patreon, Tumblr and Myspace using… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: “Burn the House Down” Performances and Music Video

When speaking about what they wanted to represent when producing “Burn the House Down,” AJR mentions “there’s kind of an exciting energy going on in our generation where people actually have power… that we can actually make change totally separate… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: “Glory”

John Legend’s and Common’s song “Glory” acts as a voice for people all around the world that have experienced oppression throughout their entire lives. “Glory” reassures us that one day, racial equality will be achieved. Moreover, one day, racism will… Continue Reading →

“Make Me Feel” Third Listen

The music video for Janelle Monae’s “Make Me Feel” opens with the singer decked out in ‘80s apparel, walking into a nightclub that we think we would only see in a movie. It has dim lighting, glow of orange, red,… Continue Reading →

“Crooked Smile”

The song “Crooked Smile” By J. Cole is about believing in yourself and not worrying about what other people think. The songs lyrics talk about embracing your flaws and not worrying what people think of you. He uses the lyrics to… Continue Reading →

Hozier’s “Cherry Wine” Third Listen

For my last listening, I am focusing on probably the most popular aspect of Hozier’s Cherry Wine, his music videos. Hozier’s use of media through his two music videos of “Cherry Wine”, with one being from its initial release in… Continue Reading →

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