For my third listening assignment I looked at the music video of Hunger as well as a live performance of the song. Both of these versions help the audience to look at the song on a deeper level and maybe relate better to the song in a vulnerable sense. In the live performance and the music video you really hear and then see the almost pain she has when she sings the lyrics.


 When looking at the live performance and just listening to it you can hear how different it is from the studio version. In this live performance there is an ache in her voice. It sounds like she is truly telling a story. For Florence a big thing about this song was that she never thought she would release it, she wrote it to herself as a poem and she thought it would be way too personal to share. With this live performance you can hear how personal it is, it’s almost like she is just singing what she feels and she adds new runs into the song, changes pitches and just makes it feel more emotional and almost theatrical in a sense. You can hear the struggle she feels and in the live version it just looks like she is releasing what she feels in the way that she even moves her body around the mic stand and just ways she positions her head and body. 

For the music video, it is very majestic in a sense, sort of like a fairytale I want to say. The music video is made in an art museum and it shows Florence just breaking free and dancing and letting herself go and just really feeling her emotions. The music video makes it look like she’s breaking out of her own shell and setting herself free. By seeing this it shows you almost how freeing talking about your emotions can be. It helps the viewer to really understand what she was talking about and how she wants to break away from it. She is just feeling what she feels and you can see that in the video.