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I would like you to think about this proposal in terms of several things. First, consider the song you are going to investigate. Consider what it is about that song that intrigues you, that you are curious about, that makes you want to learn more about it. (Don’t just write that you have always loved the song— really engage it critically.) Discuss what makes it a protest song and what it is protesting against, and/or the social justice issue being raised. As stated above, the song must have been released during your lifetime, either as an original recording or a re-interpretation of an older song.

Second, where do you think this song will lead you, in terms of research and other music? How does the song exhibit the characteristics of its genre? How does it connect to a particular moment in history?

Third, I would like you to consider what the song means to you, personally. Why do you think it is important? Are you willing to dedicate 11 weeks to studying it, which will mean listening to it over and over and over again?

Fourth, I would like you discuss what concerns you have about completing the project.

Embed and/or link to all media referenced, including a version of the song itself (assume that Bill might not know the song and will need to listen to it).
You don’t need to address the items in the order listed above, and your proposal shouldn’t read like a bulleted list. Rather, the ideas and topics should appear seamlessly in your discussion. The goal is to showcase why you want to this, what you will do, where it might appear, and why it is important.

Meek Mill – Trauma

I’m choosing to do the song “Trauma,” by Meek Mill, which samples the 1977s’ “Taking Me Higher” by Barclay James Harvest and was previously used on Mobb Deep’s “Get Away.” It’s a song that reflects on his vivid memories of… Continue Reading →

“Love It If We Made It” Proposal

I’m so glad that I am able to focus on “Love It If We Made It” by The 1975 for my podcast! As I touched on in my first listen post, this song has a lot to analyze and I’m… Continue Reading →

“everything i wanted”; A Protest Song About Mental Health

Song: “everything i wanted” by Billie Eilish  Not only has Billie Eilish managed to break into the top charts and become one of the youngest artists to make it big in the industry, she continues to break barriers as she… Continue Reading →


Despite my initial trepidation in selecting a BROCKHAMPTON song for this assignment, I have chosen “JUNKY” by BROCKHMAPTON to analyze and podcast about this semester, for the very reason I initially strayed away from it. Both the song and the… Continue Reading →

On Holiday …

The song I am going to do my podcast on is Holiday by American alternative-rock band Green Day. The song that intrigues me, other than the rock beat that I loved since I was a kid, are the lyrics. As a young… Continue Reading →

Good Hair. Bad Hair. I Am Not My Hair.

What’s intriguing about India.Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair” is that there is more than one version of it, and one of those versions is a remix with Akon, where it not only addresses the social issues set against society’s… Continue Reading →

The Man ~ Taylor Swift

I find Taylor Swift’s song The Man intriguing for this Podcast Project because the issue raised within it as well as how controversial the artist is. She is known for her many musical stages, for having various versions of herself… Continue Reading →

Run The World (Girls)

  When Beyonce put the song “Run The World (Girls)” out, I was only 12 years old. When I first listened to it the only reason I liked the song was because of the upbeat music and the chorus “Who… Continue Reading →

Sheep by Mt Joy

For my Podcast, I will be examining the social protest song Sheep by Mt Joy. I’ve always been a fan of this band, but this song stands out and is substantially different than the rest of their music. The song’s… Continue Reading →

F*ck Your Ethnicity

For my podcast, I would like to do the song “F*ck Your Ethnicity” by Kendrick Lamar. This song intrigues me because I think it was the first song that Kendrick raps about race. Also, it was the first song on… Continue Reading →

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