For my podcast, I would like to do the song “F*ck Your Ethnicity” by Kendrick Lamar. This song intrigues me because I think it was the first song that Kendrick raps about race. Also, it was the first song on his first album, and this led to many more songs by Kendrick where he talks about racism in the United States. I think that the song will led me to understand what Kendrick’s mindset was at the time and I want to compare it to how he thinks about racism today. The intended rap song has a children’s choir harmonizing in the background of the beat and the lyrics are more aggressive, making it a protest song similar to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”. He also does comparisons in the song about people during the civil rights movement to the kids of today. What makes this song personal for me is the fact that I have been saying all my life the same thing Kendrick is saying in this song: it doesn’t matter what your race is, it depends on the content of your character. I feel like this is an important topic in today’s world (specifically at SJU) considering some of the racial tension that has been going on lately. The only concern I have about completing this project is how I’m going to talk about it for 10-14 mins. Also, I’m not certain if I’m able to use foul language in the podcast as the lyrics (as well as the title of the song) contains some profanity.