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Fifth Listen Lineage “F*ck Your Ethnicity”

“Changes by Tupac >>> “Jesus Walks” by Kanye West >>> “Untitled” by Nas >>> “F*ck Your Ethnicity by Kendrick Lamar As you may know, “F*ck Your Ethnicity” by Kendrick Lamar is not the first rap song that talks about racism…. Continue Reading →

Listening Post 4 “F*ck Your Ethnicity”

“Fuck Your Ethnicity” by Kendrick Lamar critiques racism and the lack of diversity in the United States. To Kendrick, ethnicity doesn’t matter and he looks past that at your personality and wants everyone to come together when times get tough…. Continue Reading →

Listening Post 3 “F*ck Your Ethnicity”

In terms of musical genre, the song “Fuck Your Ethnicity” by Kendrick Lamar is part of the rap/hip-hop genre. The main thing that distincts it as a rap song is the lyrics or as most rappers call it “rapping” or… Continue Reading →

Listening Post 2 “F*ck Your Ethnicity”

When “Fuck Your Ethnicity” first came out in 2011, there were still racial issues going on in the United States. In Kendrick’s hometown of Los Angeles (South Central Los Angeles also known as Compton to be exact), there was a… Continue Reading →

F*ck Your Ethnicity

For my podcast, I would like to do the song “F*ck Your Ethnicity” by Kendrick Lamar. This song intrigues me because I think it was the first song that Kendrick raps about race. Also, it was the first song on… Continue Reading →

“Savage Time” and “F*ck Your Ethnicity” The first song that I consider doing is “Savage Time” by Big Sean & Metro Boomin. As far as the music alone goes, the tone is sort of melancholy with a rap beat playing over it. You can also… Continue Reading →

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