The first song that I consider doing is “Savage Time” by Big Sean & Metro Boomin. As far as the music alone goes, the tone is sort of melancholy with a rap beat playing over it. You can also hear radio calls assumed to be policemen talking about people that have been shot. When I hear this, I feel a sense of dread as I know that this song is not going to be a happy one. As for the lyrics, Big Sean goes into detail with everything that is wrong with the United States. The topic most discussed in the song is the struggles that young black men struggle with. In these lines, Big Sean talks about how people (presumably black) are now locked up in cells when they had aspirations to join the NFL. Also, he brings up the Flint, Michigan water situation (He is a native of Detroit). I feel like the fact that he is talking about real, current issues going on makes the song that much more significant and he made it personal bringing up a tragedy that is going on in his home state. You can hear the emotion he brings in his voice as he sounds genuinely angry and desperate to make his and other black people’s voices heard. I think the song’s meaning is to do something about things that are wrong in the world, to be the change, and do this by becoming a “savage”

The second song that I consider doing is “F*ck Your Ethnicity” by Kendrick Lamar. The music in the song is uplifting, as I feel kind of soothed by the sound of children harmonizing in the background. The lyrics of the song however are the total opposite as the lyrics are aggressive in the message that the song is trying to portray. I also like how Kendrick tries to combine all the things that people portray different races to like such as “Planet Terminator X” and “Martin Luther King with an AK-47” which combines the pacifism of MLK and the aggressiveness of someone like Malcolm X. The delivery that Kendrick Lamar delivers in this song is that he sounds passionate about this topic. It also seems real to me due to the emotion he conveys in this song, as if he’s taking you on a trip through his mind. The overall message of this song is one thing: “Racism”. Kendrick sounds relatively tired that race and ethnicity plays such a big part of how people judge other people as he says that it does not matter to him. In the beginning of the song, it sounds like something happened in their neighborhood, and that incident urged the community to come together as a whole. The one way that the community has come together as a whole is through music.