I’m choosing to do the song “Trauma,” by Meek Mill, which samples the 1977s’ “Taking Me Higher” by Barclay James Harvest and was previously used on Mobb Deep’s “Get Away.” It’s a song that reflects on his vivid memories of street life and all the trauma it encompasses: drugs, violence, police raids, and even death. The song also brings light to the flawed criminal justice system, where he feels that prisons destroy the lives of inmates and strips them of their humanity. In this catchy tune, he recalls the traumatic experience of being locked up behind bars and also describes the struggles of his fellow inmates.

I moved to Philly when I was twelve years old. I went to high school in North Philadelphia, at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School. Now at twenty-one, and a senior in college, I am residing in West Philadelphia. What I’m basically getting at is that  I feel that Philly has raised me, even though I still believe that I am Canadian at heart (I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba). 

Even though I’m in school, I’m also an upcoming recording artist chasing his dreams of one day having his music heard by the masses. For someone like me, Meek’s life and career is very inspiring. He’s transformed as a person and artist through his trials and tribulations and is now using his talent in music to speak his truths on issues that are very pressing to him. Issues that are pressing to all people of color in the United States, which includes me. I wish to know more about the criminal justice system and in turn more about Meek’s life.

The song is also very pleasing to the ear. The sample of the beats just makes instantly start rocking your head. It’s even more impactful when you really listen to what he’s saying. You can just feel his emotion. I absolutely won’t mind listening to it for eleven weeks straight. I’ll even be able to learn and study his writing technique and style when it comes to delivering and s