I chose Kanye West’s song Violent Crimes. Apart from the very vulgar chosen words, the song is really more than just that. Behind the lyrics there’s a story. A story about being a woman in this society. When I first heard it, I was astonished by how vivid the imagery there was in these lyrics. Once a man has a daughter, it is really over for him. They really go from 0 to 100 trying to protect their little girl. He knows what the streets are really all about. Again, it is not easy being a woman in this society. Especially when a man doesn’t know how to treat one. And Kanye really pours it out in his song. No matter what a lady does, they always seem to be sexualized in a way.  He explains it in his song, “don’t do no yoga, don’t do pilates, just play piano and stick to karate.” This is his way of saying that a woman should find something that would be more of a help to defend herself in such a ugly society. Something less vivid or showy for a man would have a better outcome. He also explains in his song that no matter how hard you try to convince and educate your daughter to avoid something you know by heart, you have to be very careful of the way you say or do things to her. Because she will find a way to be with him. The one guy she needs to stay away from. A lot of young girls tend to do that. They think that parents are the villains in a story when they are actually the hero. Because like Kanye, they were once “savages.” With not a care in the world of how to treat a woman. This song for me will always have my heart because life will always have a way to help you open up your eyes to change. The metaphors, the analogies behind these lyrics could be an identification for a lot of women in this world. This song is more like a wake up call for the ladies in the 21st century that not everything is what it seems. 

I chose Doja Cat’s song, Woman, because it shows the power women have on this planet. Like she says, “you will never be a god without a goddess.” This song is about feminism and how women should be one for the other, instead of being against each other. The song is simply beautiful in its own way. I love the rhythm and how upbeat and happy it is. Any woman can feel empowered singing this song because they identify as women and are proud to be women. Women are the main reason why there’s humanity on this planet. I like how Doja cat encourages men to take care of them. The world has viewed women as fragile and weak, when in reality, there is more to us than there is out there. The intro is so simple and upbeat, it catches up to you and makes you want to hear it more. The song became so popular on the dance app TikTok. Many creators created a dance to this song and even then it was worshiped so much. Prior to my previous classes, women have really gone on top of the world. Women becoming CEOs as Doja puts it in her song. Women becoming presidents. Women simply being mothers and caretakers. Doja also puts in her song huge figures like mother nature and the Virgin Mary how they are so looked up to as something so pure and natural. Women are natural and pure in their own unique ways. That is why I chose this song. For being so simply beautiful with the song, the rhythm, the lyrics, the imagery, the metaphors, the uplifting for all of us. This song will always be a song that will have me on repeat. It encourages me to become comfortable in my own skin. The way that I was made because I am a woman.

These two songs are more about feminism and being a woman in general. The first song is more how women are more sexualized and seen as a toy than actual human beings. Kanye West really pours his heart into this song because he also has a daughter. I believe that ever since he had her, he has changed. Looking at Kanye’s behavior before he ever had children, he seems like he didn’t have much care in the world of what people viewed him before. Imagine how he viewed women then. He even explains it in his song. Even though the song is so explicit with the wording, I think it is so important nonetheless. Doja Cat’s song is more uplifting than anything else. It is about empowerment and encouraging women to lift up each other. She gives out examples in her song how women really are making a difference. She convinces the audience to try to take care of women and how to worship the “hips and waist.” She also goes on how a woman’s body is sacred and how it can create life.