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Woman by Doja Cat Podcast  “Doja Cat is a female rapper that has risen to fame over the last 3 years. She is a sensation in the music industry and in our present moment. She sings wonderful songs like…” (1:09 – 1:16) “As… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: Woman by Doja Cat

No matter how much I listen to Doja Cat’s song, Woman, it will get my body moving. Apart from the lyrics and the rhythm of the song, which is highly contagious, the song gets you to think about that TikTok… Continue Reading →

Second Listen: “Woman” by Doja Cat

Doja Cat’s song Woman does not have a specific song that would be considered a lineage, however it has many songs similar to hers. Since she has this soft reggae and Afro-beat rhythm applied to her song, there’s a few… Continue Reading →

First Listen: Woman by Doja Cat

Doja Cat’s song Woman was released on October 1st of 2021. So it will have its one year song anniversary in a few days. The song is more about divine femininity and simply being a woman in general in today’s… Continue Reading →

“Violent Crimes” Kanye West and “Woman” Doja Cat Podcast Proposal

I chose Kanye West’s song Violent Crimes. Apart from the very vulgar chosen words, the song is really more than just that. Behind the lyrics there’s a story. A story about being a woman in this society. When I first… Continue Reading →

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