“Doja Cat is a female rapper that has risen to fame over the last 3 years. She is a sensation in the music industry and in our present moment. She sings wonderful songs like…” (1:09 – 1:16)

“As well as songs for movies like..” (0:17 – 0:24)

“Doja plays really good songs. We could go on and on playing her songs, but our main focus for today is her song, Woman. We will discuss this song because of how it uses the concepts of Feminism and Femininity. In her song, we are introduced to the basic foundation of the idea of how a woman should be treated and the power we hold in our hands.

“Now my question is..

“What is femininity to you? How would you describe it? Being feminine does not necessarily mean to like pink or to wear pink. It is an expression, it is a feeling, it is the human nature of the female sex. Femininity and feminism are two different concepts. One is the human nature of womanhood, and the other one, which is feminism, is the role we play to advocate for women’s rights and equality.

“Feminism in the song, Woman, has a significance factor when it is talking about the importance of women and their roles. In our time, women have to face sexism and ideologies of how we should act. This all comes from the idea that certain men see us as ‘weak and unable.’ She says:”

Gotta face a lot people that are opposite ‘Cause the world told me, “We ain’t got that common sense

“This part of the song goes back to what I have mentioned previously. How men in our society tend to see women as weak and submissive creatures. Patriarchy has told us that men are superior to us and that we should be holding on to these sexist acts. As a matter of fact we are stronger than we let on.” 

“Although it is important to look at the way women outgrown themselves over the years, we have to understand the power of femininity. Doja Cat made it very clear that being a woman is about being feminine and being able to show that femininity.  Let’s look at her lyrics”

Mother Earth, Mother Mary rise to the top. Divine feminine, I’m feminine.

“She uses the reference of mother earth to make the audience understand that females are as powerful and can change like seasons as Mother Earth, but we can also be as nurturing, caring, and understanding as Mother Mary, who is the mother of Jesus Christ. This is her description of femininity. And this is how she sees it. 

Just protect her and keep her safe. Baby, worship my hips and waist. So feminine with grace

“It is important to not confuse femininity with our different body types. Femininity is about womanhood and being a woman. Not about the way your body looks because all women come in different shapes and sizes. 

“For example, there is the fallacy that female bodybuilders should not be considered feminine because they look more masculine and manly. Femininity is not that. Femininity is the aesthetics of a woman. Female bodybuilders are a prime example that women can be as strong and can also hold as many heavy objects like any man. Our bodies are amazing.

“Amanda Bingson is a track and field athlete with an amazing athletic body. She was interviewed on this topic. Let’s hear her words:  (3:38-3:55)

This is why Doja says to worship my hips and waist so feminine with grace because the more you feel feminine, the more you can handle anything that comes your way. Especially when we have to face men that have misogynistic views about us. Now let’s listen to this part of the song.”

 I mean I could be the leader, head of all the states 

“These lyrics scream Kamala Harris. As we all may know, Kamala Harris became the first female vice president of the United States during the elections of 2020. Not only is she a female, but she is a woman of color with immigrant parents, so she is definitely the example of a leader and an accomplisher.

“A source that talks more about this…

The History article states, “As second in line for the U.S. presidency, Harris has come closer than any woman before her to breaking what Hillary Clinton famously called “the highest, hardest glass ceiling. Doja Cat included this part of the lyrics..

I mean I could be the leader, head of all the states 

“…In her song because of this. Kamala Harris is an inspiration and an example for everyone that women can do it! They can succeed. Even little girls can use her as an inspiration and motivation to level themselves up, because at the end of the day, the more girls there are that are thriving, the better it is for the world and society.  Here is a video of Kamala’s message for little girls…  (0:24-29)

“This is true. She may be the first, but she will never be the last. This is why Doja Cat wrote the song in the first place to inspire and motivate all women to become leaders, which is an act of feminism. Doja Cat’s inclusion of leadership takes us next to her second part of her song.. Let’s listen to it”

I could smile and jiggle it ’til his pockets empty. I could be the CEO, just look at Robyn Fenty

“The reference of having lots of money is an act of feminism because usually we see men in the business field being the CEO’s and earning a good salary. But that is why I like how Doja includes Rihanna in this part of the song. Rihanna is also an empowered woman because she is the owner of a multimillion dollar business. Her own business by the way, which is the makeup and skincare brand Fenty. Which is why Doja says, “I could be the CEO, just look at Robyn Fenty.” 

“Looking at this at a deeper level Rihanna being the CEO of her makeup business is feminism at its finest, it represents the 3rd and 4th wave of feminism. The 3rd wave encouraged women to embrace individuality and sexuality. For example, womanhood, gender, femininity, and beauty. The 4th wave focuses on female empowerment.

“Rihanna getting money out of her brand is powerful. Makeup represents femininity and beauty, and her making millions of dollars for women to feel feminine and to look pretty is what embodies the 3rd and 4th wave of feminism.

“The song and music video represents the 3rd wave of feminism because of how Doja describes being a woman and how she applies that concept. For example, she applies the story of a woman in Egypt being the queen. Although she is sitting on her throne, we still see this queen showing fearlessness when she was aware that they wanted to seize her throne.  Let’s look at the beginning of the music video… (0:03-0:13)

“The visuals in Doja’s music video closely examine the female embodiment. The music video is telling a story. By the sound of her voice in this music video, the queen is not very happy. But that is because they want to take her out of her power. Her anger in this video is what inspires because a woman should not let anyone, anyone take away her confidence or her pride. 

“An interesting fact I found was Doja Cat’s inspiration for her music video. As a matter of fact, Doja’s inspiration for her music video was Michael Jackson’s music video Remember the Time. That is why they both have similar ideas, especially with the time and place.

“An example used in class of the 3rd wave of feminism was the reading we did on The waves of Feminism, and Why People Keep Fighting Over Them. In class we listened to The Riot GRRRLS.  The article on this states, “Aesthetically, the third wave is deeply influenced by the rise of the riot grrrls, the girl group who stomped their Doc Martens onto the music scene in the 1990s. This compares to her lyrics because the majority of the things Doja says, embodies more the 3rd wave of feminism.

And you will never know a God without a Goddess

“A goddess represents beauty, womanhood, power, and most of all femininity.

“Feminism played a big factor almost two months ago when Iranian women were protesting and even cutting their own hair, after the killing and death of Mahsa Amini. The video of Mahsa Amini getting abused by Iranian authorities and police for not wearing her hijab the right way, sparked anger around the country. (0:00 – 0:12) 

“How powerful is this? Nothing is more important than to see women coming together protesting and fighting for their rights. Nothing is more important and significant than to see women and young girls being rebels and fed up with these unnecessary violences. Here is another video explaining more:” (0:00-0:16)

I stand on femininity and feminism, and the power of using my softness to protect my womanhood. Thank you for listening to me talk about Doja Cat’s song woman. My name is Valery Andrickson and may you have a good rest of your day.