Doja Cat’s song Woman does not have a specific song that would be considered a lineage, however it has many songs similar to hers. Since she has this soft reggae and Afro-beat rhythm applied to her song, there’s a few other songs out there with that same type of beat. To start it off, there’s songs like Beyonce’s Grown Woman. This song has a very happy Afro-upbeat rhythm to it just like Doja Cat’s. Although, Doja Cat’s song talks about women encouragement. Beyonce’s song talks about the phases a girl goes through (herself) until womanhood. They are both super similar and have the same theme: womanhood. Doja Cat in her lyrics says: “ And you will never know a God without a Goddess.” Meanwhile Beyonce’s lyrics go like: “Go girl, she got that bomb, that bomb. That girl can get whatever she wants.” They both have a similar theme of the song which is femininity and women empowerment. Only difference is Beyonce talks about her life as a young girl transforming into this ‘grown woman.’ Meanwhile, Doja Cat talks about divine femininity. 

Another good song similar to hers is the Queen Tings by Masego. This song also has a similar beat to Doja Cat’s song. Although the song doesn’t necessarily talk about woman empowerment, it most definitely talks about a man loving a woman, which sort of has a connection to Doja Cat’s song. It is all about women’s encouragement and the power a woman can have over a man. 

According to wikipedia, one song that was inspired by her music video was Michael Jackson’s Remember the Time, however the one difference in the music video is that in Doja Cat’s song there’s only one royal sitting on the throne, and that is Her Majesty. In Michael Jackson’s music video, there’s the King and Queen. In the video, the king seems to have the most power. 

There’s a song that has the same connection as Doja Cat’s and that is the I will Survive by Gloria Gaynor song. One of the classiest songs ever written, has an important connection to my chosen song because it drives women to lift themselves and get over a breakup fast. The main goal for these songs is to uplift. The only difference they have is the rhythm in the song and the timeline. Gloria Gaynor’s song was written during the 1970’s and Doja Cat was released just last year, 2021. This even more enhances my understanding of my chosen song because it goes deeper into it. It is not only about how a man treats a woman, or what women should treat other women, or even what you went through as a young little girl. But it is also how she uplifts herself by herself, it is like this self-improvement. Which goes deeper than anything else in life. 

In conclusion, there’s so much to learn about this song and its endless connections to other songs. Doja Cat did so well in her writing her own song. The fact that she includes metaphors that create vivid imagery and help women on these wonderful visuals in her music video is simply amazing.