Here is my first audio of my podcast.

Five things I like about my podcast:

  1. My narration is consistent; my tone throughout the podcast never changes which creates a steady flow.
  2. The information I provide is relevant to my subject; nothing I say is unnecessary or extra.
  3. My thoughts are organized and the topics transition well from one idea to another.
  4. The audio itself is clear and understandable (I’m glad I recorded more than once).
  5. ┬áThe pacing is nice; I don’t speak too fast or slow.


This is only the narration portion of my podcast about two thirds of it). I wanted to complete this part before I dive into weaving in some creative audio clips of interviews and songs within the podcast.

I’m a little torn on the direction of the narration. I feel like 12 minutes is not enough! I could speak aimlessly for an hour on a topic like this, so narrowing down my thoughts and information to the most important pieces will be challenging, but I’m up for it.

Some questions I’d like to discuss:

  1. What should I cut from my transcript?
  2. What should I add/replace?
  3. Is my podcast too broad (should I narrow down my information or change directions)?
  4. It’s just a draft, but any advice on what my call to action should be at the end (trouble deciding my end goal… could go in any direction)?