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Neighbors: Representing the Black Community

    Podcast Transcript:   Hip Hop and Rap music are genres that represent and speak up for the black community. It’s a great way for artists to speak up for social justice issues. Many hip hop artists are widely… Continue Reading →

Neighbors – First Audio

Here is my first audio of my podcast. Five things I like about my podcast: My narration is consistent; my tone throughout the podcast never changes which creates a steady flow. The information I provide is relevant to my subject;… Continue Reading →

A Lineage with “Neighbors”

Many artists have stood up in unity with the Black Lives Matter movement through their music as protest to the injustice that has been swarming over the black community within recent years. As an artist that is no stranger to… Continue Reading →

Neighbors – A Fourth Listen

J. Cole’s “Neighbors” sheds a blinding light on the social issues that harp on the backs of the black community, and that have for centuries. Primarily, this song focuses on the brutal injustices that the black community faces continuously: racial… Continue Reading →

Neighbors by J. Cole – A Third Listen

J. Cole’s “Neighbors” is one song that certainly does not fall short when it comes to representing musical culture. As a Hip Hop artist, J. Cole effectively brings his message to life through a genre of music that originated and… Continue Reading →

Neighbors – A Second Listen

The historical context of this song dates back to as early as black history in America, beginning with slavery, the abolition of slavery, to the Civil Rights movement, and present protests today, mainly the Black Lives Matter movement.   Released… Continue Reading →

Neighbors by J. Cole

J. Cole’s “Neighbors” was released in 2016 on his fourth studio album “4 Your Eyez Only”. Upon release of this album in 2016, I felt obligated to immediately become enticed by this album since J. Cole is one of my… Continue Reading →

Neighbors and God is a woman

As we dive deeper into this class, I find myself coming to the realization that so many songs address messages related to social issues, both subliminally and blatantly. With social issues becoming more prevalent as the years go by, I… Continue Reading →

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