Things that I like are the structure. I like the way it is set up and the order that everything is discussed. I also like the audio clips that I have chosen to include. I think they help give specific information when it is necessary. I also like the pace of the podcast. I think it is at a good speed where someone wouldn’t want to click away.


Throughout this experience of editing the podcast and figuring out what makes sense a few questions have arisen. The first is how to get the audio to all sound the same? The audio got split weird so its making the editing process a bit more difficult. My second question is how to get myself to sound louder? When I was recording everything sounded fine, but then I went in to edit and it sounds like I am whispering into the mic. My third question is do I need more obvious transitions? Does it sound like I am jumping from topic to topic? Another question I have is should I put music that runs through the background the entire time?