Working with audacity and the recording studio was a very interesting and challenging experience for me. It took a lot of paying attention to detail and reworking different pieces of audio that I was working with. I know that this first draft of the audio is a very raw clip, but after learning about audacity I am eager to go back and put the rest of the podcast together.

I know that I will be reworking some of the audio clips and moving them around to fit the storyline. I have not used many of the sources that I wanted to incorporate in my podcast, but I am struggling because I think if I include everything it will be too long. Also, I need to find the best way to use the music video clips, as well as just the audio clips of the song. I currently have them spread out through the entire four minutes, but I may want to change that when I put the entire podcast together.

I am wondering how I can make my podcast more engaging. I plan on going back and having other people record some of the speaking portions to help bring animation to the podcast. I think I am struggling to get to the point because I am really passionate about what I’m writing and have trouble condensing it.

Another question I have is how I can work on the sound quality, as well as making the sound uniform throughout the video.

Some of the things that I like about my podcast is the information that I am focusing on in the story. I am really passionate about these ideas and love where the storyline is going. Also, I like the way I am using music in the background of my own speaking because I think it allows for some substance throughout podcast other than my monotone voice. Although I have not edited the ending, I like the way I am connecting the topic to my own life because I think it brings a more personal experience to the podcast. Also, it shows purpose in my interest in the song and the podcast.