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A Deeper Meaning Behind “Scars To Your Beautiful”

  Scars To Your Beautiful, by Alessia Cara, is a song that not only made Billboard’s top 100, but also conveys a very powerful message touching upon beauty standards that have been curated by society.   “Scars to Your Beautiful”, was… Continue Reading →

Listening Post Three

What made the song Skinny “blow up” was how touching the live session was. How raw, passionate and uniting Emmy Russell’s delivery is. This clip quickly went viral via TikTok and other social media platforms. The live session created a… Continue Reading →

Second Listening Post- Paul Urban

Lineage, we have all heard the word before, descends from somewhere, came from a predecessor. Most songs exist within a lineage. There have been others framing similar social justice issues and or protesting the same ideas. With this lineage, I… Continue Reading →

First Listen

Paul Urban I officially have chosen the song “Skinny” by Song House & Emily Russell via Spotify Skinny – Song House & Emmy Russell (live session) **Skinny – Emmy & Song House (Official Music Video)   To provide some context,… Continue Reading →

“Scars To Your Beautiful” First listen

  The song “Scars to Your Beautiful”, sung by Alessia Cara, was released in 2015; a time in which social media was rapidly advancing thus creating heavy influence on those who used it. In 2015, roughly 29% of the world’s… Continue Reading →

Lineages – “Hunger” by Florence and The Machine

The two lineages that I find to be most interesting that my songs connect to is the theme of eating disorders or self-love and acceptance and the word choices used. In the song Hunger the word hunger is used to… Continue Reading →

“Hunger” Florence + The Machine

This song was released in May 2018. I feel as though in 2018 the normalization of eating disorders truly began to become a thing. It seems as if so many people were scared to admit it and ashamed of their… Continue Reading →

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