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Third Listen: “Big Yellow Taxi”

The first time I heard “Big Yellow Taxi” was from a cover sung by Counting Crows featuring Vanessa Carlton. They covered Joni Mitchell’s song with a more upbeat vibe by contrasting the Counting Crows singer’s deep rasp voice with Carlton’s… Continue Reading →

“I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” by My Chemical Romance – Third Listen

In this interview with My Chemical Romance, we hear from Gerard Way what the album is really about in terms of the story the band is trying to tell. To paraphrase, Gerard says the album is about a man and… Continue Reading →

“Temptation” Joey Bada$$ Third Listen

When it comes to music, understanding goes way beyond just the meaning or interpretation of the lyrics. One’s own personal understanding of a song connects their ability to see how it functions as a meaningful text in society, different communities,… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: Woman by Doja Cat

No matter how much I listen to Doja Cat’s song, Woman, it will get my body moving. Apart from the lyrics and the rhythm of the song, which is highly contagious, the song gets you to think about that TikTok… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: “Preach” Versions, Performances, and Covers

For this third listening post, I am going to discuss three texts/pieces of media that deepen my understanding of “Preach”: John Legend’s live performance of the song, the piano version of the song, and a cover of “Preach” by Youtube… Continue Reading →

Listening Post 3 “F*ck Your Ethnicity”

In terms of musical genre, the song “Fuck Your Ethnicity” by Kendrick Lamar is part of the rap/hip-hop genre. The main thing that distincts it as a rap song is the lyrics or as most rappers call it “rapping” or… Continue Reading →

DNA Third Listen

Kendrick Lamar as an artist is heavily influenced by the rap and hip hop genres. The song DNA is no exception to those rules. Google and Pitchfork both describe the song as Rap/Hip Hop. The “rap” stems from the rhythm… Continue Reading →

Now – Third Listen

After listening to Now, it is clear that it falls under the same genre that all of Miguel’s songs fall, R&B. Miguel has been known for his soulful songs, filled with sexual innuendo’s. In his newest album, War and Leisure,… Continue Reading →

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