When focusing on just the music of the song, “Twisted Logic” seems to build as the song continues. The song starts with synthesizers (I think?) quietly and almost eerily. It sounds like an introduction to a darker story. As the song continues, guitar and drums are added in. The tune of the guitar sounds depressing and dark as well. It also gets a lot louder as the song goes on. The beat of the drums almost sounds delayed, as if it is lagging behind the guitar and the lyrics. In the chorus, the drums and guitar tune becomes repetitive, which matches the repetition of the lyrics. I am not a “music” person but I am assuming the song is being played in minor chords, because overall it sounds flat and dark. Towards the end of the song, the drums are less delayed, but sound a lot stronger and faster. The whole tone of the music sounds angry and frustrated at this part of the song. The fast beat of the drums reminds me of a clock ticking, and the clock going faster and faster. This volume and fast beat stop abruptly, almost like a bomb going off. The synthesizers are then brought back in at a very low volume, and slowly get louder to once again, stop abruptly. Overall, the music seems to tell a dark story. One that starts sad and eerie, but progresses into a more frustrating and impatient tone.

The music definitely relates and complements the lyrics in the song. The lyrics definitely seem to be talking about the Earth, and how our human action is hurting it. The first verse of the song makes a direct relation, mentioning the sunlight and the rivers running dry. The 2nd verse then talks about the future, and how increased technology will eventually be looking for life on Earth. The chorus is repetitive, just like the music during the chorus, going backwards and forwards. As the song continues, the lyrics get less literal and obvious, but the same message is there. It talks about how humans were created on Earth, but then those same humans invaded it. The chorus comes in twice at the end, emphasizing the repetition of “backwards and forwards.” To me, this speaks to the way that we as humans seem to be taking one step forward, and then three steps back when it comes to protecting our planet. The lyrics especially sound like a protest song, protesting the way we are treating our planet, and how it is ironic that we were given life on Earth, but are now destroying it.

Lastly, the way Chris Martin delivers the song goes hand in hand with the music and the lyrics. The notes stay lower and darker. In the beginning, the verses are sung with very little variety in notes. However, as the chorus begins, Martin is singing higher notes and with more power. This switch between subtlety and strength continues throughout the song. Martin also chooses certain words to sing for a longer period of time. Almost like how the drums sound delayed, some of his singing sounds delayed as well. To me, this “lagging” could be intentional to show how the Earth is lagging behind our human actions. The way Martin sings the song matches the dark, eerie, and frustrated tones that the music and lyrics give off.

Overall, “Twisted Logic” to me, is a song protesting the way humans are treating the earth. It is the dark, sad, story of how the Earth is slowly dying. It is the Earth’s cry for help, and it is a way of telling us to stop destroying the world that we were created to protect and live in.

In “Violet Hill,” the music starts off similar to that in “Twisted Logic.” It starts with an introduction of an eerie, dark, synthesizer sound. To me, it was a way to draw in and hook the listener, as it sounded mysterious. All of a sudden, the piano begins a simple, but harsh beat, followed by a rough and bold guitar tune. The guitar especially sounds almost angry, and this continues throughout the majority of the song. The consistent beat of the drums and guitar almost sound like a stomping sound. Towards the end of the song, in the last verses, the song abruptly changes into a piano ballad. It is much softer, and sounds more sad than angry, in contrast to the rest of the song. From the way the song starts eerie, moves on to anger, and finishes sad and calm, the sound of the music seems to tell a story, even without the lyrics.

Moving on to the lyrics, they bring light to the seemingly angry tone of the music. The lyrics are very dark and depressing right from the beginning with “a cold and dark December.” As the song continues, it becomes more angry and almost mocking with phrases such as “carnival of idiots,” “priests clutched onto bibles…fit their rifles,” “captain of a sinking ship,” etc. There are also very dark and sad lyrics such as “bury me in honor,” “when I’m dead and hit the ground,” “I don’t want to be a soldier.” From these lyrics, specifically, it seems that the song is protesting war. It seems to be talking about the politics involved with war, and how those in power are taking advantage of those below them. It is speaking about how people care more about gaining power and wealth than the actual wellbeing of the human race. Overall, the lyrics seem very blunt and mocking about the situation of politics and war during our modern time.

Lastly, the way Chris Martin delivers the song, once again, matches that of the music and lyrics. Throughout most of the song, the variety of notes is slim. The way Martin is singing sounds almost like he is shouting at some points. He sounds very confident in what he is saying. It is nto until the end of the song that his voice becomes softer, during the piano ballad portion of the song. This change contributes to the narrative of the story as throughout the entire song, he sounds mad and frustrated at the situation. However, at the end, he sounds more sad and disappointed, and seems to be asking for help. He shows his angry side, and his vulnerable side, which matches the change in music throughout the song.

Overall, I think this song speaks to multiple social injustices in our world today. It speaks to our political situation, war situation, and hints at general vulnerability and unhappiness within our people.

When this project was first introduced, I knew right off the bat that I wanted to analyze a Coldplay song for my podcast. Coldplay has been my favorite band for as long as I can remember because of their diverse realm of music, and the meaning and passion they put behind their songs. After listening to all of Coldplays songs for years and years, I have discovered that there are many sides to this band. Two sides really come out. One – the hopeful, joyful, happy vibe. Two – the dark, angry, protest side. Coldplay writes and produces many songs that represent the things in live that we should be grateful for, happy for, and continue to live for. However, they also produce songs, such as “Twisted Logic” and “Violet Hill” that explicitly point out the injustices and problems with our society today. While in the past, I naturally gravitated towards the more hopeful and energetic songs, this project will give me a chance to explore the other side to Coldplay.