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“What Do I Know?” 5th Listen

When analyzing Ed Sheeran’s song, “What Do I Know?” it became clear that there is more than one musical lineage that the song sprouts from. However, there are two main ideas that become the most apparent. Although the song is… Continue Reading →

“What Do I Know?” 4th Listen

In Ed Sheeran’s song “What Do I Know?” there are multiple social issues that he is critiquing throughout the song. It does not seem like he is focusing on one specific issue, rather he is critiquing the overall status of… Continue Reading →

What Do I Know? Third Listen

The common perception of Ed Sheeran views him as an acoustic pop artist that makes hit love songs. While it is true that many of Ed Sheeran’s most successful songs are folk-pop, acoustic, or ballad love songs, Sheeran actually dives… Continue Reading →

“What Do I Know?” Second Listen

Ed Sheeran’s “What Do I Know” was released in March of 2017. This comes only a few months after Donald Trump was elected into office in 2016. Following the election, the United States became heavily divided. The country was filled… Continue Reading →

“What Do I Know” Ed Sheeran Proposal

After a long time of thinking, I decided to switch my song for the podcast project. Because Coldplay is my favorite band of all time, I understood your point about reaching out of my comfort zone. Although “Violet Hill” is… Continue Reading →

“Twisted Logic” and “Violet Hill”

When focusing on just the music of the song, “Twisted Logic” seems to build as the song continues. The song starts with synthesizers (I think?) quietly and almost eerily. It sounds like an introduction to a darker story. As the… Continue Reading →

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