Most of the time in music when an artist releases a hit song, over time they often release different versions of this song that can shift the perspective of the listener on what the intended message of the song is. Other singers and artists also take their own twist on songs by performing a cover version. 

Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara, being such a powerful song, has an abundance of different versions that are released and recorded by Cara herself, and other artists.

Version one

Alessia Cara recorded a “Live Off the Floor” version of Scars to Your Beautiful:

Vocals: The “Live Off The Floor” version of “Scars to Your Beautiful” contributes to the original by offering a different interpretation that emphasizes acoustic elements, raw emotion, and live performance dynamics, providing fans with a new way to experience the song. Alessia Cara’s live performance may bring out a different emotional depth compared to the studio recording, allowing listeners to connect with the song on a deeper level. This also allows Cara to convey her emotions more directly and authentically. 

Background music: This song is stripped down, creating a raw and authentic vibe throughout. Although it is not entirely acoustic and there is a piano accompanying Cara, because there is solely only piano, this creates no room for anything other than lyrics; there are no musical cues that distract the audience from the words she is speaking out.

Image: The video of Cara Singing this version of this song is vastly different from the original music video recorded. Within the video, Cara is pictured in a recording studio, wearing a casual outfit (a sweater and jeans), with little to no makeup displayed on her face. This adds to the rawness and authenticity that Cara was striving for, as there is nothing else to focus on but her, and the music she is spewing out. There is no story being portrayed behind her that may take the audience’s attention away from what she is singing, thus emphasizing the lyrics and forcing the audience to swallow them.

Version two:

For a song that was sung by a female artist, promoting female empowerment, this version performed by an all-male band offers a completely different perspective on the song. This band is called the Carrollton Band, a band of 4 male singers, famous for their covers of songs posted to YouTube.

Having no female presence in this version in a sense takes away from lyrics that describe a girl’s insecurities.

“So she tries to cover up her pain

And cut her woes away

‘Cause covergirls don’t cry”

Though these lyrics don’t change, the impact that they have shifts as a man is singing about a girl struggling with her image. 

Background music:

The Carrollton Band utilizes guitar, electric guitar, and drums throughout the cover to perform. The original performance incorporates drums and guitar, however, the guitar is not as apparent as it is in the Carrollton Bands performance. 

The drums and the guitar combination create almost a rock-type beat to it, completely shifting the attention away from the lyrics, and more on the instrument as they create a strong and prominent beat.