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A Deeper Meaning Behind “Scars To Your Beautiful”

  Scars To Your Beautiful, by Alessia Cara, is a song that not only made Billboard’s top 100, but also conveys a very powerful message touching upon beauty standards that have been curated by society.   “Scars to Your Beautiful”, was… Continue Reading →

Scars To Your Beautiful, Covers & Versions

  Most of the time in music when an artist releases a hit song, over time they often release different versions of this song that can shift the perspective of the listener on what the intended message of the song… Continue Reading →

“Scars To Your Beautiful”, Musical Lineage

“Scars to Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara does not have a direct lineage to a specific song or musical composition in the traditional sense. However, like many songs, it may have been influenced by various musical styles and artists that… Continue Reading →

“Scars To Your Beautiful” First listen

  The song “Scars to Your Beautiful”, sung by Alessia Cara, was released in 2015; a time in which social media was rapidly advancing thus creating heavy influence on those who used it. In 2015, roughly 29% of the world’s… Continue Reading →

Proposal Fall 2023

  Proposal Song 1: Scars to your beautiful, Alessia Cara Music video (significant): Spotify: Song 2: Music video: Spotify:   My top choice for this podcast assignment is the song Scars To Your Beautiful, by Alessia Cara. This is… Continue Reading →

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