The Bouncing Souls have been described as “New Jersey’s most popular and enduring punk rock band”, except for the Misfits (allmusic).  With over 30 years i the recording studio, the bands sound has evolved without ever straying too far from their hardcore fused with pogo-punk sound paired with facetiously playful lyrics.   While the majority of their discography consists of this anthemic Oi! music, they have a wide selection of the more raw, political and angry songs that are characteristic of classic punk rock.  

In a chaotic punk style, the 1993 version of P.M.R.C. on the Souls’ Green Ball Crew EP starts off with the 4 members hollering “Fuck them who tell you what to say, destroy your TV with an axe today… Fuck you Tipper Gore, and fuck the PMRC!”  This leads into the opening bass line, which is a bit slower in this version than the 2002 compilation album version.  There is a lot of guitar feedback in this version, another classic convention of the punk genre.  The way that this version is much slower than the 2002 version makes it sound more like a hardcore than a fast-paced punk song.  Vocalist Gregory Attonito expressively shouts the lyrics giving the song a laid back yet assertive feel, all while maintaining vocal control and not drifting into the realm of being sloppily produced.  It is raw, an adjective that ought to fit in describing any true punk or hardcore song.   The punk and hardcore genres exist in this raw form because of the raw emotion that they aim to express; there is no sugar coating the message, it is delivered in a straightforward and honest manner.  This is especially the case when the content of the song is political.  This song is charged by anger towards the formation of the PMRC, the Souls are delivering a scathing condemnation of the self-appointed moral police.