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PMRC by the Bouncing Souls Podcast

  We all have seen those black and white Parental Advisory stickers on our favorite albums, but do you know where those came from?  In 1985, a group of women, known as the Washington Wives due to their personal relations… Continue Reading →

Third Listen: “PMRC” by The Bouncing Souls

The Bouncing Souls have been described as “New Jersey’s most popular and enduring punk rock band”, except for the Misfits (allmusic).  With over 30 years i the recording studio, the bands sound has evolved without ever straying too far from… Continue Reading →

Second Listen: “P.M.R.C.”

Lineage # 1: Bouncing Souls’ “P.M.R.C.” → Frank Zappa’s “Porn Wars” → Danzig’s “Mother” → Ramones’ “Censorshit”  “Porn Wars” appears on Frank Zappa’s 1985 record Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers of Prevention, an entire album created in response to the… Continue Reading →

First Listen: “P.M.R.C.” by the Bouncing Souls

The song P.M.R.C. was first released by the Bouncing Souls on their 1991 7’ record, Ugly Bill, Oh Shit.  The title of this song is the acronym for the Parents Music Resource Center, a Committee formed in 1985 with the… Continue Reading →

“P.M.R.C. by the Bouncing Souls and “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine

P.M.R.C is a song by the Bouncing Souls protesting censorship.  They are critiquing people who blame social issues on music. I think it would be challenging to try to fit this song into the broader conversation about censorship and music. … Continue Reading →

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