For my protest anthems podcast, I’ve decided to work with Macklemore’s and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love – feat. Mary Lambert,” which was released in 2013. In first thinking about this assignment, I was drawn to songs about the black experience and systemic racism, not only because there are so many songs about this issue, but also because there are so many well-written songs about it. I wanted to branch out my thinking a little more, and “Same Love” came to my mind in thinking of other marginalized groups, which in this case was the LGBTQ+ community. The lyrics are straightforward in the fact that they encourage listeners to be themselves, but in reading them more closely, it is clear that they combat stereotypes and the groups that chastise the LGBTQ+ community, such as the church. I was interested in the song most recently, because I went to a catholic church service for the first time in years a few weekends ago, and I was really skeptical of it based on their beliefs and the recent controversy they’ve been facing. The song aids in explaining rights for this group as a social justice issue rather than an actual protest, and I think it is effective in doing so based on critical lyrics. The artists call for the legalization of gay marriage most notably.

I haven’t heard many songs about the LGBTQ+ experience besides “Born this Way” by Lady Gaga, so I hope to find more songs that characterize this community. I’d say this hip-hop song is unique from the rest of its genre, as a lyric in the song literally is, “if I was gay, I would think hip-hop hates me.” There is a pop element in Mary Lambert’s chorus; her voice reminds me of Adele’s, so I would say that that aspect is true to genre. The song is extremely popular in the LGBTQ+ community and served as a sort of theme song for groups passing Referendum 74, legalizing same sex marriage in Washington state, according to the New York Times.

I’m not a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but I certainly consider myself a supporter and ally. This song is successful in outlining the community’s experience along with getting political by calling out groups that discriminate against this community. It is a beautiful song in its sound alone, but with each listen, I hear something else that sparks my interest. It’s a song that is obvious in its overall meaning, but allows listeners to put themselves in this community’s shoes. The video aids in conveying the songs message and telling the story as well.

I don’t have many concerns about this project, as “Same Love” is a popular song with a good story behind it and a good meaning attached to it. Personally, I am very busy with school, the newspaper, and working, so I worry about having time to put out the best quality product that I can. Overall, I’m excited to work with this song.