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“Same Love” and its genre

“Same Love – feat. Mary Lambert” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis falls into the rap/hip-hop genre as well as the pop genre. Lambert’s emotional chorus lends itself to pop, and the rap verses are quite obviously rap. Before doing any… Continue Reading →

“Same Love” and the LGBTQ+ experience

For my protest anthems podcast, I’ve decided to work with Macklemore’s and Ryan Lewis’ “Same Love – feat. Mary Lambert,” which was released in 2013. In first thinking about this assignment, I was drawn to songs about the black experience… Continue Reading →

XXX and Same Love – Songs of Justice

When I registered for this class, my mind jumped to songs written by and for people of color, because they create music that reflects their experience, which is so important. In thinking about this assignment of creating a podcast about… Continue Reading →

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