“Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange ft. Sampha is a song that addresses the societal issues black women face today. It has a simple call to action: “don’t touch my hair.” Black men and women, but mostly women, often encounter this situation. Touching a black woman’s hair is a form of micro-aggression, that is a subtle form of racism that is often not even intended to be racist. This song addresses several issues. By touching a black women’s hair, it is both racist and sexist. First, there is the issue of consent. Hair is a part of a person’s body; it is extremely violating to be touched my those who are not invited. Secondly, black women often see their hair as an expression of their identity and culture. The more curious those are by their hair, the more it proves how rarely black women are represented in main stream media.

Solange uses several metaphors to try and describe what her hair means to her. She describes it as her crown, soul, feelings, and her vision. After researching this song and the lyrics in further detail, the curiosity and objectification of their hair seems to be a common concern in the black community. Several songs, books, and shows address this issue. Solange calls to action; this is not a governmental issue, but rather a societal one. She could easily be angry and blame people, but instead she is calm and assertive in her language.

This song is important for all genders and races to hear. Of course black women can empathize and relate better than anyone, but it’s important for everyone to hear what types of discrimination people endure. Also, the call to action is for people to stop touching black women’s hair, so the main purpose of this song is for those groups to hear the song and change their actions. This is more than just touching hair; it’s an empowering anthem for black women for all aspects. It’s about being proud of their culture and defending their identity.

As for completing the project, I am excited and have some concerns. First of all, I’ve never recorded a podcast, so there are some technical worries I have such as sound editing. Also, I want my podcast to sound natural; I want to avoid reading from a script and sounding monotone. As for the actual content, I’m enthusiastic about the song and the meaning, however I cannot identify with the struggles of the black community. Hopefully not, but this could pose as an issue, for I cannot include my own anecdotes or personal experiences.