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“Don’t Touch My Hair” – Third Listen

“Don’t Touch My Hair” Final Podcast

Hello. Welcome back to Protest Anthems, the podcast about all things music, social justice, and protest. In this episode, Cielle Tousignant, considers Solange’s 2016 release, “Don’t Touch My Hair.” Solange may not be a household name like her sister, Beyonce,… Continue Reading →

Don’t Touch My Hair – First Audio

So far, I’ve had an interesting process with my podcast. Writing it took some time, but overall I enjoyed the process. Finding interesting and relevant clips were also something I really enjoyed. Recording the podcast was a little more difficult…. Continue Reading →

“Don’t Touch My Hair” Lineage

  In Solange’s song “Don’t Touch My Hair” Solange addresses many different societal critiques. She discusses racism, micro-aggressions, feminism and black empowerment. With so many different issues addressed, there are several songs throughout history that can connect and helped shape… Continue Reading →

Fourth Listen – “Don’t Touch My Hair”

In “Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange ft. Sampha, Solange is making two social critiques out of one action. Most overtly, “Don’t Touch My Hair” discusses the issues of race today, however the same action can also address feminism and… Continue Reading →

Third Listen- “Don’t Touch My Hair”

“Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange is a song that falls under the alternative R&B genre. The song could be classified generally as R&B, but when compared to the sound of other artists and songs that represent the R&B, “Don’t… Continue Reading →

“Don’t Touch My Hair”

In her song, “Don’t Touch My Hair,” Solange discusses the issues with people of other races and cultures touching her hair. Her hair, however, is more than just a part of her body, but rather a representation of her culture… Continue Reading →

“Don’t Touch My Hair”

“Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange ft. Sampha is a song that addresses the societal issues black women face today. It has a simple call to action: “don’t touch my hair.” Black men and women, but mostly women, often encounter… Continue Reading →

“Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Tiny Hands”

“Don’t Touch My Hair” by Solange ft. Sampha is a calm sounding song, but with a stern request and addressing of a social justice issue. The music itself is predominantly made up of simple beats. Trumpets and horns play and… Continue Reading →

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