So far, I’ve had an interesting process with my podcast. Writing it took some time, but overall I enjoyed the process. Finding interesting and relevant clips were also something I really enjoyed. Recording the podcast was a little more difficult. There was a lot I was unfamiliar with, even after watching the tutorials, but my podcast was eventually recorded and exported onto my laptop for editing. Throughout the entire process, I was relatively relaxed and optimistic, however, I’ve had a lot of issues with editing my podcast. Even after going through the tutorials online, I’m spending a lot of time troubleshooting and essentially failing with properly splitting, deleting, moving and combining my clips.


Three questions I have…

How exactly do I edit smoothly? It seems as if I’ve spent hours playing with the editing that other people can do in 10 minutes. Ideally, smooth and efficient editing would cut my time and frustrations enormously.


How do I include my song in my podcast? The youtube clip converter does not allow me to convert music (for copyright issues, I would assume), so I have no way of embedding the song I am discussing.


How do I keep my podcast original? It’s hard to try and stand out or do something different when it’s my first time writing, narrating, producing and editing a podcast, but I’m afraid of having a monotone voice and boring content.


5 things you like about my podcast however, are…

I really like the format of my podcast. It flows naturally. It may be a bit robotic, but I definitely start to sound more comfortable throughout the podcast as I got more comfortable. It’s difficult organizing a podcast that isn’t chronological or in story form, but I like how it plays out.


I like the clips I chose. Overall, the clips I chose are relevant to the topic I discuss and my overall conclusion. They keep my podcast interesting, and by having so many of them I hope to keep my audience from getting bored.


I like the song I chose. I don’t mind embedding the song or listening to it over and over again because it’s a song I listened to before this class. It helps me stay interested.


I am interested in the meaning of the song. This song has important lyrics and discusses important issues. This helps me stay enthusiastic about what I’m talking about. It addresses something that bothers me, and something I genuinely want to talk to people about.

I am optimistic I will like my final product. Right now I am a little extra frustrated with the editing process, but once that is resolved, I am confident that the content I discuss will be engaging and important.