The 2 songs I have picked for the proposal are “Trouble in Town” by Coldplay and “Cough Syrup” by Darren Chris. Each song is a different theme: police brutality and mental health. I chose these 2 songs because they both touch on topics that are very prevalent on social media. Coldplay’s songs have an obvious meaning while “Cough Syrup” speaks as a metaphor.

I have been a fan of Coldplay since a was young and when they came out with their new album, “Everyday Life” in 2019, I was excited. The band has always spread the message of happiness and acceptance. Their new album reflects on the recent events that have been happening and wanting change. I chose 2 songs from Coldplay because I thought it was important to show the contrast between the 2 songs. “Trouble in Town” talks about the theme of political corruption and power. This music video is phenomenal because it plays in the theme of George Orwell’s book, “Animal Farm”. “Animal Farm” is about social hierarchy in the play of animals. The music video is very powerful if you understand “Animal Farm”. In fact, in the music video, a homeless deer is reading the book. Crime, homelessness, and police abuse are the main themes that are seen in the music video. In an interview with “Rolling Stone”, he states that he does not care about the number of sales or awards this album wins. Inspired by Bruce Springsteen, he uses his music to voice his opinions and not apologetic about them. In my second choice, “Cough Syrup”, I have chosen that song because I loved Darren Chris’ cover. The original song was written and sung by the band Young the Giants. I liked Darren Chris’ version because he has a softer, more musical voice and it fits well with the scene. I watched Glee growing up and they touched on a variety of themes. One of which was mental health. I never listened to the lyrics before even though I knew all the words. I always associated the song with the scene in Glee that it was played in, so I knew the song had a parallel with the events that were occurring. Cough syrup is a metaphor for momentary satisfaction in coping with mental health. Both songs have a lot going on and can be analyzed. I think “Trouble in Town’s” music video theme can be analyzed more because there is a lot to unpack in regards to “Animal Farm” and its themes in political corruption.

Social media has created an outlet for pedestrians to video various encounters, post them and go viral. Virality has become so important that the intention for the videos sometimes gets lost. But with all that, it sheds light on the ongoing abuse towards people of color. Discussing politics is a sensitive topic for many but it is a discussion that needs to be had. Social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have become spaces for people to post and voice their opinions on such videos. In addition to shedding light on politics, social media has become a place for people to talk about mental health. Coldplay touches on a combination of genres, such as pop, rock, and alternative. Similarly, Young the Giants is an Indie Rock and Alternative group. Both songs do a great job bringing up hard topics and open the floor for discussion.

Both songs are important to me because of the messages and themes. I love music. I listen to music all the time and my mom plays music as a hobby. I’ve grown up with it and it is amazing that artists use their voices (quite literally) to talk about controversial or sensitive topics in a creative way. That takes a lot of courage to do so and I commend those that do so. Although Glee was hugely popular, rewatching it, it was very tone-deaf in many moments. But, when it talked about suicide and mental health and attaching “Cough Syrup”, I thought that was perfect. Even without truly listening to the lyrics, you get an idea that the song is about pain and wanting that to subside and go away. Many kids had to read “Animal Farm” and incorporating the themes in the “Trouble in Town” music video was so smart, especially in today’s society. Coldplay took a risk in talking about politics in that way, but I think it is really important to show the true picture.

My concerns are always time management and making sure my assignments are properly uploaded. As we go further into the semester, things build-up and it starts to become harder and harder to complete things in time. It is something I am trying to work on and luckily we are giving resources, help, and accommodations in case there are any issues, which I am grateful for.