For this podcast, I want to focus on either two songs: “Ghost Town”, by Kanye West (Ye Album), or “Give Peace a Chance”  by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (Teaser and the Firecat Album) Each song has two different meanings of course, one signifying liberation, and one signifying the importance of peace and unity. I decided to focus on these two songs because I believe the messages behind each song shed an important message of free thought and positivity.

In my opinion, Kanye West is known to be a very controversial celebrity. He has been known for speaking his mind whether it’s regarding social issues, pop culture, or even discussing his personal life to the media. Released in 2018, Kanye’s song “Ghost Town” interested me into looking further into his message beyond the musical rhythm itself. The song carries this overall message of freedom and liberation, hoping for a better future. What also intrigued me about the song is that Kanye incorporated multiple artists such as 070 Shake, John Legend, and Kid Cudi into the verse as well. I think this adds more personality and meaning to the song as a whole. I also think the song is challenging to interpret because the song can mean many different things. One can interpret the song as a sense of freedom, but others can interpret the meaning as love and fear for what is yet to come in the future. These interpretations can all tie together in some way.

Now going on to my second song for this proposal, I want to focus on the song “Give Peace a Chance”, by the Plastic Ono Band. This band was created by the Beatles star, John Lennon, and his wife Yoko Ono in the 1970’s. I chose this song in particular because it sheds the important message of peace and unity. I also believe it’s a great anthem for anti-violence and love. Using this song, I would be curious to look more in depth about the creation of this song and why it shed such an importance for people in the 1970’s.

The reason as to why I chose these two songs was because each song conveys two very important messages, and I also think each song ties well with the theme of this assignment. I’m also curious to research each song’s interpretations whether it comes from the artists themselves, or the audience. As for the challenges faced throughout this assignment, I might find it hard to create a podcast that fits my needs professionally. Since I live at home with my family, there can be a lot of background noise which can result in poor audio. Another concern would be the experience and knowledge of making the podcast itself. I’ve only made one audio podcast so it can be challenging for the future. Other than that I’m quite excited to dive into interpreting critically about either “Ghost Town” or “Give Peace a Chance”.