Song #1 – Be Free by J.Cole

First and foremost I chose this song because I really like J. Cole. He is definitely up there in my top artists. However, me choosing this song is more than just for the artist. The way J puts his heart and soul into this song, the lyrics, just everything about this song makes me want to dive deeper into this song. The way he sings is from the heart, his voice is hardly edited, it almost sounds like a raw recording the way he is singing. To build upon that, this song is a protest song because J. Cole is singing about the wrongful murder of Michael brown, which happened in Missouri around 2014. J. Cole is trying to emphasize the that cops are wrongfully killing African-Americans. Michael Brown was unarmed when he was shot and killed, so the whole purpose of this song is to spread awareness on the corrupt police departments, as well as the racism these police departments hold towards African-Americans.

Secondly, I think this song will lead me to deeper research about the corruptness of cops and killing African-Americans. Michael Brown is definitely not the only person to be wrongfully killed, so I feel as if when I research more, I will discover even more wrongful murders, which is heartbreaking. I do really believe I can dive much deeper into this song, even pulling in information from other songs that are meant for wrongful murders of African-Americans.

This song is important to me because everyone should be aware of wrongful murders. Songs are a great way to get people aware of awful things like this. This song resonates with me, every time I listen to this song I feel a certain way, I get an uneasy pit in my stomach every time I listen to this. I would definitely be willing to dedicate 10 weeks listening to this song, without a doubt.


Song #2 – Born this Way by Lady Gaga

This song intrigued me because I listened to this song a lot as a kid. My mother loved Lady Gaga so she would play this song a lot. At the time I did not know that this song was a political song, trying to spread word on something bigger. This song is protesting about loving yourself, but more specifically, anti-prejudice, pro-LGBTQ and pro-self-acceptance. The protest is in the songs title. Indicating that whatever way you are born, is perfectly fine and everybody should accept that. Sad part is, is sometimes people won’t accept someone for who they are.

I feel as if this song will lead me to interviews about this song, in order for me to dive deeper into the lyrics and the message Lady Gaga was trying to push. I definitely feel like this song will push my research into more recent information. This song came out around 12 years ago, far before America was more socially-accepted on LGBTQ community. So for Gaga, to put this song out that long ago, I will definitely be researching more recent information.

This song is important to me because it is very tough struggling with accepting yourself, if others cannot accept you for being different. Other people’s opinion does not matter, but it does get to a point where it’s hurtful. This song should be worldly recognized so more people, especially young and impressionable kids, can accept themselves.


My only concerns with this project is the editing. I am pretty good at editing videos and such, but I am worried about getting the interview media, song and whatever else I actually needing the podcast, I am worried about not knowing how to edit all of these components in the podcast.