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J. Cole – “Be Free”

“Be Free” – Audio Transcript   NBC News audio clip plays   “On the streets of Ferguson Missouri, outraged in anger, protesters of different ages and races demanding answers in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown at… Continue Reading →

“Be Free” – Third Listen

  Political music is no stranger towards police brutality. Their are countless songs made specifically to spread awareness on police brutality, especially towards African-Americans. J. Cole’s song “Be Free” was made strictly about the murder of Michael Brown. Brown was… Continue Reading →

“Be Free” Song Lineage

J. Cole – “Be Free” J Cole’s “Be Free” came out in 2014. His song was definitely not the first song to discuss police brutality and innocent black people being gunned down by police. However, their have been many songs… Continue Reading →

First Listen – “Be Free”

For this first listen, the context of this song is huge. This song was released August 14th 2014, right after the tragic murder of Michael Brow in Missouri. Brown was an unarmed black man, who was gunned down by police… Continue Reading →

Proposal Fall 2023

Song #1 – Be Free by J.Cole First and foremost I chose this song because I really like J. Cole. He is definitely up there in my top artists. However, me choosing this song is more than just for the… Continue Reading →

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