“Where Is The Love” unlike most songs is not confined into one genre of music. Hip-Hop group, The Black Eyed Peas expanded beyond their conscious rap roots to become one of the most commercially successful pop groups of the 2000s. The genre of their songs range from rap, pop, rock, and even electric. They have shown through their album, “Elephunk” that they are more than just a hip-hop band by all-embracing musical approach and deep grooves, even implied by the title of the album, and varied guests as rockers Papa Roach and pop idol Justin Timberlake.

The groups view of music reflect each members’ backgrounds. Will.I.Am is African-American, Apl.de.Ap is Filipino, Taboo is Mexican-American, and Fergie who is American. It all began when Will.I.Am and Apl.de.Ap started a break-dance crew back in the day showcasing aspects of their cultural through their dance-breaking.

The genre-crossing sound of the Black Eyed Peas has brought them to the top of the pop charts in American and abroad. Eschewing the gangster and materialist images of many hip-hoppers, the Black Eyed Peas make music with a mission. “We are a progressive hip-hop band. But our message is to be positive in general.”

The social justice issue presented in this remake is protest of unnecessary violence, police brutality, and discrimination based on race (including refugee and immigration issues), gender and religious beliefs across the world. The different genres that this song falls under is very representative of the different cultural backgrounds of the group and the different issues going on in the world. Using hip-hop along with pop and electric, is bringing different people together who like different genres of music into one song. In the same way, they are trying to bring the world together in light of so much hate and violence.

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