Kesha’s song “Praying” would fall under the genre of pop. “Praying” is different than the typical Kesha style that everyone is used to. She is known for her dance-pop or electronic pop style of music but this song is different. “Praying” is the first song she released in about four years. It still falls under the genre of pop but its a much slower version than all of her other songs.

Pop music is a common genre of music and typically people know the songs within this genre. Songs that fall under this genre can be characterized as a steady beat that uses lyrics that people will remember. Usually pop songs are upbeat songs that are sung not rapped and are played frequently on mainstream radio stations. It can be defined as “music having wide appeal, esp characterized by lightly romantic or sentimental melodies”(

“Praying” exemplifies almost exactly what a pop song is. Once released it was very popular amongst people, especially because it was the first song she had released in a while and was around the start of the #MeToo movement. It has a steady beat and uses simple lyrics that are easy for people to remember. By having many repeating verses she hooks the listener in and gets the song stuck in their heads. Just like most pop songs it grabs the listeners attention immediately and then makes people want to listen more because of the powerful and important message. Overall through the lyrics and musical background “Praying” can be classified under the pop genre of music.


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