The first text that has assisted me in understanding the overall meaning of the song is this podcast on NPR ( Transcript of the podcast ). In this episode, we hear from P!nk discussing her new album (at the time), Beautiful Trauma (2017). One important part of this discussion is how she, as a person, has changed for her fans over the years. In her early days, she was a rock star who sang about partying and not caring what anyone thinks. Fast forward a decade, and she is writing, performing, and releasing songs that empower people to stand up for what they believe in, and let no one stop them. This transition in her career is important because it tells us how she got to the point where she released Beautiful Trauma, an album with a handful of inspiring anthems that empower her audience.

When creating Beautiful Trauma, she includes powerful ballads like “What About Us”, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”, and “Barbies”. She talks about her feeling like the government has failed us, and the dysfunctional relationship we have with a government that does not fight for its people. This inspiration gives listeners, including me, a valuable look inside the creation of songs like “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”. One quote that shines a light on this, even more, is when she says…

 “I’m really sad about where we are as people. And it’s always been very hard for me to tolerate injustice and inequality and racism and homophobia and sexism and all these things. And I’ve been fighting my entire life against it.”


Another text that has given me insight into “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” is P!nk’s documentary on Apple Music,  On The Record: P!Nk – Beautiful Trauma (2017) On The Record: P!nk – Beautiful Trauma on Apple Music . In this documentary, we dive into the world of P!nk and her journey in creating her album Beautiful Trauma (2017). In addition to the NPR Podcast on this album, we get something that the podcast did not address directly, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken”. She discusses the original purpose of the song, to be used in the 2015 film Suffragette starring Meryl Streep, a historical drama that follows the Women’s Suffrage movement in 1912 Suffragette (2015) trailer . In this article about both the song and P!nks documentary, Billboard Music Article we get a connection between the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the events that were occurring in 2017 when the song was finally released.