After listening to “Praying” more and focusing on what the lyrics are saying it will be interesting to learn more about the song. In 2017 Kesha released her new song “Praying” as the single on her album Rainbow. This was her  first single she had released in 4 years because of her lawsuit with her former producer, Dr. Luke. As I start to research more into this song we need to consider what was going on historically at this time. This song has a lot of meaning behind it and touches upon women’s liberation and women’s empowerment. The release of “Praying” was a bit before the #MeToo movement started but it showed people that they have the power to stand up and fight against those who have abused them.

“Praying” is a powerful song and Kesha uses her story to empower people to speak out and to not be afraid. Not too long after the release of her new single the #MeToo movement started picking up more. In October of 2017, a few short months after the song was released, a few of the victims of Harvey Weinstein started speaking out. The #MeToo movement is a movement that gives people the space to speak out against sexual assault and harassment. Kesha’s lawsuit had been going on for years and she now had the ability to share her story through her song. She was able to get through these hard times and learn to forgive those who have hurt you.

Although not directly connected with the #MeToo movement there are many ways in which Kesha’s lyrics integrate women’s empowerment and liberation into the song. The song discusses how she was brought really low and was struggling from what happened to her. Through this experience she learned to grow from it and how to find peace to forgive. Kesha writes,

“You brought the flames and you put me through hell

I had to learn how to fight for myself

And we both know all the truth I could tell

I’ll just say this is I wish you farewell”


She discusses how although this was such a bad situation and she was brought through some of the worst times, from this horrible thing she was able to do so much growth. It allowed her to become strong and learn to be there for herself. How although this horrible thing happened she knows she will come out from it and learn to be strong. “Praying” gives people the strength to speak out. Through Kesha’s story people can learn that although it might seem dark and dreary right now, and speaking out is ok. She empowers people to not be afraid and shows them that they will find peace. “Praying” has many other lyrics that empower those to speak out. Kesha empowers people and other artists to do something. This song gives people the strength to start over. Kesha is letting go of what has happened to her and is starting a new beginning.

Through analyzing the lyrics and doing a bit of research you can see the connection that “Praying” and the #MeToo movement have. It will be interesting to look into everything more and see how this song has really empowered people to speak out and given them the strength to find peace and grow from their experience. It will be interesting to see what other connections can be made.