The song that I plan on investigating for my podcast is “Praying” by Kesha. I am interested to see what I am going to learn about this song because as of now I don’t know much. I had heard this song before but didn’t pay much attention to what it was about. When I started looking into it more for this assignment that is when it really grabbed my attention. I am excited to learn more about this song and how she uses her powerful voice and her life experiences to share her story.

I am curious and intrigued by this song. Its one that really makes you feel what she is saying. From what I have heard about this song and the album I am very interested in learning more about it. I don’t think that the song is too obvious because you don’t know exactly what it is about until you start digging into it more. I think it will be a good challenge in terms of picking it apart and finding the specific meaning of the song.

This song is one of the first songs released on her album “Rainbow” which was the first album released in four years for Kesha. It is interesting because her entire style changed because it is after her whole lawsuit with her old producer so during those years she couldn’t make any music. So this album and this song in particular is the same genre as she used to make but she sings about extremely different topics than before. “Praying” is a pop song with a little bit of a rock twist to it. It is powerful and leaves it getting stuck in your head.

“Praying” is different from her old songs. The song is about her experience with her producer. It is a more personal experience and she discusses her pain and her steps towards letting go. The social justice experience that this song discusses is women empowerment and women liberation. It’s message empowers women to heal and find peace with the experiences they have caused them to shatter. Kesha takes a different route with this song so I think at first people were surprised about what she was singing about but I think that she resonates with so many peoples so that song has really empowered so many.

I think this song is so powerful. I think that so many people have gone through the same struggles that Kesha has gone through. So this song is a great way for people to connect with others about their experiences while at the same time learning to get themselves out of the darkness and grow from those experiences. I haven’t listened to any other songs on the Rainbow album so I am excited to look into those more as well as learn a lot more about “Praying.”

My concerns for this podcast assignment include collecting enough research and information to talk about for 8 to 12 minutes. I feel as though it will all be along the same lines so my concern is that I won’t find enough broad information to not talk about the same thing for 10 minutes. I just feel like I might have trouble getting everything to flow well into a nice podcast format. Overall I am excited to see where this research and podcast takes me.